Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nokia N8 Hands on Review

12 Megapixel Camera with Carl Zeiss optics Nokia N8 12 Mega Pixel Camera
One of the best and impressive features of Nokia N8 is its 12 Mega Pixel Autofocus Camera at the back. You can capture high quality HD images with its camera even at night as the camera comes with Xenon flash with automatic red-eye removal. The other feature of its camera is its digital zoom which is upto 2x for still images and upto 3x for video. When you buy Nokia N8 you don’t need to carry a digital camera with you. You can capture images and videos with your mobile phone only.

HDMI Connectivity

Nokia N8 HDMI Port
Other impressive feature of Nokia N8 is its HDMI connectivity. Now a days most of the LCD televisions and computer monitors come the HD resolution and you can connect your Nokia N8 directly to your TV via HDMI port. You can play motion sensor games of your mobile phone on large screen using this port. You can also play the videos captured with 12 Mega Pixel camera on HD LCD TV.

USB On-the-Go

Nokia N8 Connectivity Cables
When I first heard about USB On-the-Go feature of Nokia N8, I was eagerly waiting to check this feature out. This feature is really useful when you are away from your computer. Using USB On-the-Go feature, you can connect your pen drives directly to your mobile phone. You can transfer files directly between your mobile phone and pen drive or portable hard disk drive without the need of a computer or a laptop. I really love this feature.

Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound

This phone will continue to impress you with its features. It not only allow you to view HD videos and images on a large LCD television but it also provides Dolby Digital Plus surround sound compatibility. So you can enjoy high quality sound on your home theatre directly from your mobile phone.
The device comes with Anodized aluminium body which is available in Silver White, Dark Grey, Orange, Blue and Green colors. You can not open its case if you don’t have the screw drivers. It means there is no easy way to remove its battery. There are two ports on its side to insert the SIM card and Memory card which are hard to open with long fingernails. One benefit of closed is that you don’t need to collect its body parts if you drop it on the ground :D
Being a Samsung Galaxy user, I would not say much about its UI. Its UI is bit slower but its touch response is far better than other Nokia handsets (But not as good as Samsung Galaxy S or iPhone). I would recommend this phone if you want all the multimedia features in a single device. It will give you impressive camera, Dolby digital surround sound and 16 GB internal memory (Expandable upto 32 GB). It gives you good value for money. At present it would cost you around Rs. 23000.  If you love Nokia handsets then you must definitely go for this one.