Saturday, December 24, 2011

10 Highest Statues in the World

Highest statues in the world were lifted to serve a serious purpose: their impressive size and the huge amount of money spent on them talk about the significance of the characters which reached such overwhelming proportions. They were destined to make a deep impact upon people and they do their job. These 10 highest statues in the world are the wonders that we leave behind for the generations to come, as our ancestors did before us.

1. Spring Temple Buddha

huge statues1
The world’s highest statue in the world is located in China. Looking upon the amazed visitors from its height of 128 meters is Vairocana Buddha.  This enormous religious symbol was built on top of Jiuhua Mountain and stands on a 25 meters pedestal.

2. Laykun Setkyar Statue

hugest statues2
The second tallest in the world is another representation of Buddha, this time, located in Myanmar.  This beautiful statue stands out with its impressive 116 meters but also with the beautiful of the concept itself.  Laykun Setkyar is very recent- it was finished in 2008, and it was probably intended as a means of growing the believers’ respect for Buddha.

3. Ushiku Daibutsu

hugest statues3
The rest of the world really has reasons to admire Asia, as the third tallest statue in the world is located in…surprise…ASIA, and it represents Buddha as well.  The Great Buddha of Ushiku  is located in Japan and stands 110 meters tall. Its weight, of 4,000 tones is unimaginable and   one can hardly realize how imposing this monument is without seeing it with his own eyes. Just to make an idea on its size, imagine that only the head of the sculpture is half of the entire Liberty Statue.

4. Nanshan Haishang Guanyin

hugest statues4
Also located in China is the 108 meters high Guanyin Statue. Located on the Hainan Island, well-known as a touristic attraction, it represents a goddess this time. Bodhisattva Guan Yin is the goddess of mercy. A very important figure in the Buddhist religion, her official inauguration was saluted by 108 monks and many enthusiasts.

5. The statues of the emperors Yan and Huang

hugest statues5
We remain in China, where the importance of a person is definitely measured after the size of the statue raised in his honor. Emperors Yan and Huang are believed to be ancestors of the Chinese people and thus, in their honor, the grateful Chinese citizens lifted one of the tallest statues in the world. Measuring 106 meters, this huge statue needed 20 years in order to be completed.

6. Sendai Daikannon

hugest statues6
This statue in Japan was subject to much controversy as it was raised by one of the Japanese companies in order to avoid paying taxes. People in Sendai were not fooled and do not consider this statue worthy of admiration. Tourists though like it and the Sendai Daikannon receives many visits each year. From its top, where the visitors can reach by means of an elevator, the view of the city is astonishing.

7. Peter the Great

hugest statues7
This giant statue is located in Moscow, Russia and it represents Peter, one of the greatest emperors of Russia. This is considered one of the ugliest constructions in the world and it has a rather funny history: The creator of the “Peter the great” statue(96 meters), Tsereteli tried to make actually a statue of Christopher Columbus, and sell the huge thing to the American government but America did not appreciate the work of art and refused it. Thus, the sculptor replaced Christopher’s head with that of Peter and sold it to Russia.

8. Great Buddha of Thailand

hugest statues8
Looking down to the believers from its 92 meters height, the Great Buddha is Thailand’s tallest statue. This golden monument needed 18 years in order to be completed and it now give comfort to Thailand’s believers, by means of its smiley, kind face.

9. Ling Shan Grand Buddha

hugest statues9
China definitely holds the supremacy, in what huge statues is concerned. Decided to earn Buddha’s favor, the Chinese people happily raised another huge statue which depicts their most important religious figure. This Grand Buddha, located in the Lingshan County welcomes its visitors with a hand raised in salute and stands 88 meters tall, thus ranking among the highest statues in the world.

10. Mother Motherland Calls

hugest statues10
The inspiring title fits the extraordinary statues lifted in Russia, in memory of the Battle of Stalingrad. It was the highest statue in the world at the moment of its inauguration, in 1967, but since then, Asian nations started to compete in creating the highest statues in the world and the Mother Motherland lost her supremacy. It is actually on the 11th place, since the 88 meters high Dai Kannon, in Japan surpasses the 85 meter Russian statue but honestly, I was so impressed with its beauty that I could not help myself “cheating” a little and adding it to the list. No offense to the Japanese people!