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Take A Look At These 20 Amazingly Relaxing Places

So you want to go on holiday and you want to relax, you don’t want the hustle and bustle of the tourist destinations but you don’t want to be so secluded that you feel like you’re on a real life ‘Lost’ island. Well you are in luck, because as usual, I have been surfing the waves of the internet in search of the perfect destinations for you to all relax. Peace and tranquility is what most of us desire when we have had enough of life’s stresses.

Nowadays it seems as though there are no places left on this earth where we can just relax and go with the flow, listen to the sound of the ocean and soak up those UV rays we like so much. However there are still places on this planet which seem almost forgotten, there are those that are steeped in mystery and there are islands that you can exclusively hire all for your very own if you so wished to do so. So grab a coffee, sit back and relax as you go through this article and decide on which destination is going to be your next holiday location.


St Vincent And The Grenadines 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
If you are looking peace and tranquility with all the amenities to boot then St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean may just the place you are looking for. First off it is a very small island located in the Caribbean Sea just South of St Lucia and a short distance away from Barbados, so you know the weather is going to be about as grand as you can imagine. Secondly, it is fairly expensive to stay here hence why it is so quiet; with few people having the funds to stay here for any amount of time it allows the island to be fairly quiet throughout the year and you will find the a minimum amount of tourists here. The seas are clear, the sky’s blue and the locals are respectful. You could do a lot worse than having a vacation here.


Mysterious Easter Island 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
Easter Island is located in Chile and is another place to go if you want to be far and away from the usually hoards of tourists whom flock to most holiday destinations. Here you will find the mysterious monuments of Easter Island, huge stone structures which are made into large heads; these ancient sculptures are all around the Island and although there are many theories on where they came from and what they represent, the fact remains that there is really little known of them. The island is mostly quiet and the weather is usually quite good, with it being in Chile. However there are seasons of rain so if you are travelling here it would be best to do your homework before hand.


Hire Necker Island 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
Necker Island is a tiny island within the set of Virgin Islands in the Caribbean; the islands are still British owned and there are very few tourists (if any) which visit the surrounding areas. Necker Island is no different, it is indeed British owned but rather than it being owned by the government it is actually owned by Richard Branson, the well-known, liked and respected entrepreneur. Richard Branson now uses the island as his own private getaway from time to time but you can hire the whole island including the staff for a hefty sum. With the exclusive hire of the island you get the most peaceful holiday you could imagine with no one else but yourself and your group as the only inhabitants whilst you stay there. This really is a once in a lifetime trip if you get the chance to go.


Travel To Patagonia 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
Patagonia is a remarkable place to be should you ever get the chance to stay there. It is on the intersections of Argentina and Chile and is a very beautiful place. The skies are often blue without a cloud in sight, the weather is often warm and the people are very friendly. There are amenities for those of you that need them, and there are a few small resorts around this area but Patagonia is fairly quiet in regards to tourists. Don’t get me wrong there are tourists which visit but those who do come here are often looking for the same thing as what you are, and that is peace and quiet. If you decide to come to Patagonia on a peaceful trip you will be pleasantly surprised. This is one place you want to visit before you die.


Visit Marrakech 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
The Arabian Nights of Marrakech are said to be gorgeous, the night skies are lit by only the moon and the stars, the climate is warm and so you will be able to relax in comfort and the food and drink that you will find here are exceptional. Marrakech is more of a tourist location than the previous locations but make no mistake there are resorts here where you can hide away from it all. A lot of the people that visit Marrakech enjoy visiting the marketplaces and shopping in the city. The beaches are a fair drive away and so if you are looking for beach settings and clear oceans you may want to rethink travelling here. However if it is peace and quiet you require there are some very beautiful hideaways.


Relax In Tonga 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
Silence is a comfortable resort located in the rural area of Udaipur and encircled by the artistic natural beauty of Rajasthan. It has been attentively planned and designed to mix ancient and modern facilities collectively to make the great place to become refresh, relax and enjoy the holidays in Udaipur with calm & peace. One may come to the Silence in Tonga which is the speciality of Indian subcontinent having a cart with the horse. The extraordinary views of natural beauty are unparalleled and the breakfast, lunch and dinner are served by the waiters offering their best services. The environment around the Silence is untouched and unique having its natural beauty with birds, grass, trees and mountains.


Tranquil Chiang Mai  20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
There are many hotels & guest houses in Tranquil Chiang Mai. Tourists prefer them. These are mostly five star hotels. Hotels are located in 2 main areas, one across the river and the other across the road going to Mountain Suthep. There are fancy designs having the shape of temples and palaces from various cultures and dynasties of North Thailand. The road to Tranquil Chiang Mai leads to the ancient and old capital of Siam that is Thailand. Chaliang is very interesting & attracting geographical area having Bhudda tranquil statues. There are lakes which are full of flowers like lotus having fresh adventure in the past. So pamper yourself in the tranquil chiang mai to get to the heavens’ experience by river rafting, rock climbing, trekking, having journey through rainy jungles and camping etc.
#8 Spend Some Time In The Lodi Gardens In New Delhi
Gardens Of Lodi In New Delhi 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
Lodi Garden of New Delhi is located on the Lodi road, near the known Tomb of Safdar-Jung. Lodi Garden was previously known as Lady Willington Park, the Lodi garden is filled of tremendous lawns. Small water ponds, showering fountains, jogging tracks, are the characteristics of this garden. There are many ways to take a break from the rigorous and nerve-racking city life by going to the Lodi Garden and taking a walk in these gardens. Lodi Garden consists of small parks and gardens which are renowned for their splendour, serenity & history. These gardens are also a very suitable venue & location for different cultural, religious, musical and other programs.
#9 Listen To The Ocean In The Maldives
Visit The Maldives 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
A country of more than 1,000 small islands holidays can be enjoyed in Maldives with a colourful and tropical life with extraordinary coral reefs that are fit for snorkelling and diving. Few of the islands are so small that each island is a playful resort in its own way. One can visit the capital, Male, and get a boat to the Seenu town to visit historical Maldivian island people. Mixed the enjoyment with the crystal clear waters of the ocean and white sands along with the ocean speaks to you and you have to listen to it’s truly magical occurrence. Holidays in Maldives are mostly quiet and charming and one can taste ocean barbecues, sipping coffee, drinks and cocktails at the time of sunset with rhythms of emotional music. Maldives and its islands are a piece of heaven on earth.
#10 Bask In The Sun At Negril In Jamaica
Negril In Jamaica 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
There are many resorts, restaurants at Negril in Jamaica, so that each tourist can select one for his own choice. But the speciality of these resorts is to take bask in the sun. Tourists plan holidays or weddings or enjoying a honeymoon. These challenging tasks are easy at Negril Resorts in Jamaica for such adventurous, entertaining and romantic experiences. Just take your clothes off, even remove your undergarments and enjoy basking in the sun at Negril in Jamaica. Tourists are drawn from all over the world to this superb seven mile beach to have view of the ocean, basking in the sun half naked. The leisure time passes very quickly because the ocean talks to you and you enjoy the basking in the sun. After snorkelling and scuba diving everyone tries to bask in the sun to have great experience of such luxury.


Jackson Hole Wyoming 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
The main attractions of the sights of Jackson hole in Wyoming include the hot springs, lakes and rivers, wildlife, teton pass, national elf refuge, ski resorts, Yellowstone park, grand teton park, teton village, covered wagon cook-out and shows, 8 miles snake river with white water adventure and riverside dinner, Jackson town square and marvellous drives etc. In the summer season there are many attractions which are resourceful and plentiful, as there are ski resorts in the season of winter, such as the renowned Snow King Resort and the biggest Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, that are among the leading tourists attractions in the USA. A tourist enjoys nature mixed with the fun and entertainment at the sights of Jackson hole in Wyoming.

#12 Visit The Beautiful Sea Island Of Georgia
Sea Island Of Georgia 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
The spirits are renewed, saviour of distinguishing comfort, and retrieve rhythm of nature as a tourist of Sea Island resorts of Georgia. It is situated towards south-eastern Georgia along with stunning Atlantic beach, through 5 miles of sea bay; Sea Island is serving as an unrivalled Georgia comfort resort holiday destination since the year 1928. The tourists select family and individual fun and activities, i.e. Golf champion-ship and shooting along with riding horses and whole body massage services. This graceful sea island has immense pleasures. There are services available at Golf Club, Sea Island Forbes 5 Star and Triple A 5 Diamond residences at the sea island of Georgia.
#13 Become A Zen Master In Tibet
Travel To Tibet 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
Tibet is a home to become a Zen master as Zen teachings emerged in the 7th century A.D. Zen is an established school of thought of Mahayana Buddhism. This basically means that Tibet is a very peacful and very quiet place indeed. Whether you would like to actually become a Zen Master yourself or if you just want to get away and relax out of the hustle and bustle of the tourists. Tibet is by far one of the lesser populated and quiet regions to visit if you were to go on a peaceful holiday and you can find nowhere in the world like it; the mountains are magnificent, the skies are often blue and the residents of Tibet are truly respectable. This is an out-of-this-world vacation destination for those seeking perfect peace and quiet.


Blue Lagoon In Iceland 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
Tourists relax in style at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland in the morning, afternoon and evening having no worries of the world. Blue Lagoon is surrounded by snow covered mountains and lava secreting fields making a tour in the dreams for the tourists. The Blue Lagoon is almost like a natural miracle and although people do flock here quite regularly, you will not be stressed in the slightest. This is a very peaceful place to be and as everyone is trying to relax just as you are, you won’t feel troubled by how many people are actually at the resort. This is a trip to take if you want to experience something truly unique but in the company of others. Simply put this place is amazing.


Playa Del Carmen 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
The tropical coastal resort city of Playa Del Carmen is located in the Mexico Caribbean beach. It is known for its sandy bay and vigilant nights and parties. This city has many shopping centres and beach theme gardens and parks. This is a best location for coastal vacations; Playa del Carmen contains huge opportunities for fun activities like snorkelling, diving, swimming, sailing and deep-water fishing, and trips to the historical sites in this island. The Playa bay starts at the shipping docks. The bay of course runs along south and north. Just take a walk to the north side and one will reach the main bay that extends to the length equal to the city. There are numerous hotels, restaurants and resorts which are parallel to the bay.

*#16 Relax In Tranquillity On The Island Of Siargao
Island Siargo 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
The beautiful and attractive surfing is done at Siargao Island in the Philippines. It is a world famous surf hidden runway in only one of the 7,000 islands that the Philippines are made up of. Here huge Pacific waves roll over the whitish sand coast along with coconut palm trees. This moving and surfing paradise heaven is located approximately 800 km south-east of Manila. This really is a place you can unwind in, and you can definitely do it in style too. The beach is a dreamland for the tourists who come here at Cloud 9 from all around the world to celebrate its uniqueness. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place and by coming here you run the risk of never wanting to leave, but then I think perfection is worth that risk.


Vanua Levu Island 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
Vanua Levu is the second largest island in Fiji and is only a short distance flight away from Viti Levu. It combines a sense of isolation and transparency of Fijian traditions and culture. It is the Fiji’s fine of the finest resorts. One can take a peaceful rest on this island by closing eyes and enjoying nature. On land there is lush green mountain territory that is home of rarely seen wildlife. It also contains extraordinary reefs in Fiji. It provides you with 1st class and unmatched diving experience on your doorstep and lovely natural wonders of the world. “Hidden Paradise” is a common name for it used by the local people. When one goes to see this marvellous area, one is convinced for sure. The city is famous for yachties who pass through these Fiji islands and expatriates who have settled down here.


Capri In Italy 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
When you travel to the town of Capri, it is famous in Naples or Amalfi for Coast holiday bookings or vacations. Capri is an extraordinary and picture some island made up of lime stone rocks. A much-loved city to Roman kings and emperors, the highly rich, noble and famous for its artists, painters and writers, it is still one of the Mediterranean Sea’s must have to see places. The top attractive beauty of Capri island in Italy is the renowned Blue Grotto or Grotta Azzurra. Tourists come here in boats at Marina Grande which is the main harbour of the island. Bays are spread across the whole island. There are only 2 towns on this island, one is Capri which is just above the Marina Grande and the second is Ana-Capri, the superior town. Lemon trees, many types of different flowers and chirping birds are plentiful here.


Great Barrier Reef 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
Great Barrier Reef is the earth’s biggest coral reef system and the only one structure that is made up of living things which are in real observable from space. The main attractiveness is the marine life supported by it and best of Australian scuba diving. A more particular attractiveness of the reef is that it is the breeding location for six species of turtles in the sea-grass. The turtles include olive ridley, hawksbill, leather back, green, flat-back and logger-head. The reef is a wonderful playing ground for fishes like Indo Pacific hump-back dolphins, minke and hump-back whales and porpoises Approximately 30 species of these fishes have been noted on the Great Barrier Reef. Dugongs are generally also seen.


Navutu Stars Resort 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World
The vision of this resort came into the minds of Maddalena and Manfredi, Italian nationals and its owners, Navutu Stars Resort is a warm rooms resort concealed away on an unspoiled beach on the serene island of Yaqeta, in the glorious volcanic site mountains of Yasawa. The tourists who desire to run away from the tough and polluted living of the city come here at the South Pacific untouched paradise of the heavens, where the nature is splendid. At this place your body is indulged in a series of the past times customs of the beauty art, make-up and whole body massage. You enjoy one of the most dazzling geographical landscapes of the world here. Favoured by the famous Fijians’ hospitality, guests deeply experience the ecosystem in the most natural way having a peaceful stay at the Navutu stars resort.

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