Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 10 Cotton Producing Countries

This post is about top ten countries producing cotton.Cotton has been a fascinating item not only for the consumers but also for the countries,it has always been at the top of the lists of cash crop.Sub continental countries have always been at the top as far as the cotton production is concerned.Cotton has always been a great source of income for Pakistan, but recently economic slumps have really affected it badly.
Following the top 10 cotton producing countries
cotton Top 10 Cotton Producing Countries

10. Cote d’ Lvoire:

Cote d’lvoire capital is Yamoussoukro.It produced coffee,cocoa,timber,cotton,bananas,pineapples,petroleum ,palm oil and fish.The main cotton growing association trimmed its 2010 to 2011 seasons production forecast to 215,000 tonnes from 220,000 tonnes.

9. Chad:

Cotton is an special crop of Southern Chad.The French colonial in 1910 administration organized market production on a limited scale under the direction of the military.N’Djamena is the capital of Chad .It export cotton,cattle,oil and gum Arabic.

8. Central African Republic:

It produced diamonds, cotton, tobacco, timber, coffee and etc.The capital of Central African Republic is Bangui. Cotton is the largest source of export receipts in several West and Central Africa countries.The cotton sector is also key to rural poverty reduction, with cotton – related activities accounting for a large share of rural employment.

7. Cameroon:

Yaounde is the capital of Cameroon and its produced petroleum products,crude oil,cotton,coffee,aluminum,lumber and cocoa beans. Cotton production in Cameroon has experienced a sharp decline over past four years. It was almost the worst for a country that was among the top five cotton producers.

6. Burundi:

The capital of Burundi is Bujumbura.It usually export sugar, tea, hides, cotton and coffee. Cotton production was 3,000 tons, and cotton fiber production after gaining it was about 1,000 tones in 1999.The government has been encouraging cotton and tea production in order to diversify exports.

5. Burkina Faso:

Burkina Faso has cotton double production over the past five years and the area under cultivation is now as big as the year of 2004 it cultivation under 550,000 over 575,000 tons of seed cotton.The importance of economic the cotton production has grown considerably. Ouagadougou is the capital of Burkina Faso.It usually export.Gold ,livestock and cotton.

4. Benin:

It produced Cashews,cotton,shea butter,palm products,textiles and seafood.The capital is Porto-Novo.It has faced two difficult cotton campaigns that have exposed the damaged of the sectors progress towards privatization.From the past two cotton campaigns have produced disappointing harvests felt throughout the economy and in the government.

3. Azerbaijan:

Cotton production in Azerbaijan has been success to the national economy accounting for approximately 25% of agricultural revenue .Cotton production has become expensive in the country from that operating expenses for its production in Azerbaijan are now about three times that in united States .Baku is the capital .It produced many things such like gas and oil 90%,foodstuff cotton and machinery.

2. Angola:

Angola was one of the largest cotton producers from all the countries.It destroyed the landscape of Angolan during the 27 years long civil war.It destroyed the cotton growing industry as with most other agriculture industries .It produced cotton , oil, diamonds, refined petroleum products,fish and fish products,coffee,sisal,timber and gas.Luanda is the capital.

1. Afghanistan:

The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul.It is famous in exporting fruits,wool.handwoven carpets,cotton,precious and semi precious gems and hides and pelts.Cotton is the most important cash crop.It completed with wheat for the use of irrigated land.The government set the price of the cotton and it was profitability varied in relation with wheat.The farming of cotton become wides spread of high cash value .Afghanistan is a favorable for cotton farming.