Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 10 WTF Moments in 2011

Tumultuous seems to be the most descriptive way to make people see the events that made people scream WTF for 2011. Events scattered over the world with images to the extreme certainly established how unstable and unsure the world is on this very brink of time. While there may have been those that changed the outlook of the world on certain things, there have been certainly those shocked and scared to their very core. Certainly, these events have been considered to be part of history, and have molded the world to what it is right now. Here are the top 10 WTF moments in 2011.

10.  Social Media Topples Dictators
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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a whole array of different social networking sites have defined the way the Internet works to give a difference. Who would have ever realized that such a method would become an instrument that will push boundaries to the limit? Certainly, in the Middle East and in North Africa, it is one strong material that has defied the norms of uprisings.

9. Tunisia
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Who could forget the first ever country to have fallen under the hands of social media? While there may be others that declare the country is not that influential in the global perspective, it was certainly the first nation to have fallen from the hands of a dictator with the help of the Internet. If there is one that the made the Tunisian revolt that WTF moment was when Mohamed Bouazizi, a local vendor, set himself on fire as a protest to the conditions of the country.

8.  Egypt Uprising
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While the events in Tunisia was certainly the forefront of the events that unfolded in Egypt, the latter certainly was the media favorite as one of the most influential countries in the Arab World. From the moment the demonstrations started on the streets, down to the days of tension in Cairo, one could watch the ongoing soap opera in the country of one of the world’ oldest civilizations. The 2011 Egypt uprising is the prime example of the social media taking charge of the events.

7.  Attack on Libya and its Revolution
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All other dictators came to their senses and the release of their foothold on power was simply given away. On Libya, Gaddafi is one leader that will not bow down to the calls of the people, and thus, the more than seven month civil war of Libya has now involved Western nations in the fight for freedom to the people. Even though the debates for the causes of entry by the Western nations are still ongoing, it seems this event is still far from over.

6.  Uprisings on the Middle East
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The Arab world has always been foreseen as a section of the world that has leaders that are untouchable. Rich and powerful nations surround the region, and with oil as being a commodity in the world, it seems there is not one out there willing to give their power. However, the uprisings, in Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen are defining moments in history about a group of people suppressed yet rising to fight back.

5.  Double Attack on Norway
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If there is one country in the Western World that have not had their fair share of terrorist attacks, it would be Norway, but in July of 2011, the people experienced one of the most WTF moments in the entire world. One may imagine this kind of attack to happen on the third world countries, but who would have ever imagined such a thing to happen to Norway, and at the hands of one of their compatriots.

4. Osama Bin Laden is Dead
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WTF! Certainly, one of the most defining moments in history will be the death of the most hated man in the world. Osama bin Laden is no longer the hero that stays alive and continues to torture people because of their faith. While his death still remains a debate of political issues and mystery, there is no doubt in the minds of many that he is one dead duck.

3.  Nuclear Problems in Japan
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Nuclear power is a source of energy considered by many as one of the most dangerous. Events unfolded in Japan that defined how unstable and unnatural these elements would be in the world of power. While it may have certainly been crafted to withstand the abuse of men, these power plants certainly could not withstand the forces of nature, and one could exclaim WTF!

2. Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
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In reality, three events defined the WTF moment in Japan, the first would be as mentioned the nuclear power plants, the second would be the earthquake, and the third would be the tsunami. Second only to the Indonesia earthquake in 2004, this is event that certainly led to one of the most dramatic events captured on live TV. With the force of the earthquake traveling to the different regions of the world, it moved, shocked, and amazed people to have seen the might of the waves crash and burn houses, buildings and people.

1.  The Forces of Nature
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Who would want to battle nature at its mightiest? From the earthquakes on Japan and New Zealand, down to the typhoons in the Pacific and the world of Twisters that damaged hundreds of houses in the United States in June and July of 2011, there will be none more defining for the WTF moment than these events.