Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 10 Strongest Typhoons in the World

It is undeniable that the world today is going through a lot of natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis and the likes. Every year, most of the countries especially those in the tropical areas experience typhoons with different speeds. Typhoons and hurricanes can damage and create destruction for just a day of existence in certain places. Some even cause a billion dollars-worth of properties just in one single state or city. Even the most high technological cities and countries cannot control the power of nature. One might wonder on which certain cities and countries did the most intense typhoons hit, and how strong and fast they were. Here is a list of the most destructive and strongest typhoons and hurricanes ever faced by the world.

typhoons Top 10 Strongest Typhoons in the World

Typhoon # 10: Typhoon Cimaron
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On 2006, Typhoon Cimaron was recorded to be one of the strongest typhoons in the world. It smashed the Philippines with the speed of 230 kph destroying houses and rice fields and other significant properties. The name of the typhoon was affirmed by the Philippines and is a type of wild ox. The typhoon killed about 20 people, most of them drowned, and 15 people became missing. It was responsible for the damage of properties worth 9 million dollars.

Typhoon # 9: Hurricane Andrew
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The hurricane Andrew was recorded to have attacked the Southern part of Florida, Southwest part of Louisiana and the North western Part of Bahamas. The hurricane was not that strong compared to other fervent hurricanes and typhoons, but it had a wide reach of destruction. A damage worth of 26.5 billion dollars was also caused by the typhoon. Most of the damage was located in South Florida. It was declared to be the “costliest” hurricane that struck the planet. Due to the overwhelming and great damage the hurricane caused in Florida and in Louisiana as well, the name of “Andrew” was discharged in the year 1993. The name was stated not to be used again for an Atlantic Hurricane. The name was then substituted by the name “Alex” for the 1998 season.

Typhoon # 8: Typhoon Nina
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Typhoon Nina happened in 1975. It hit China and smashed the Banqiao Dam and caused a great flood destroying almost 100,000 people in the country, a natural disaster that defaced the world’s most populous country in just a couple of days.

Typhoon # 7: Typhoon Saomai
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Typhoon Saomai hit China and Taiwan and destroyed more than 1,000 houses, and about 100 people were injured. Typhoon Saomai was the 5th typhoon of the season and the 7th tropical storm as well. The typhoon passed by at 135mph. It has been recorded to be China’s most powerful typhoon since 1949. It was said to have killed 458 people and caused damage of about 2.5 billion dollars-worth of properties. Its name, “Saomai” was from Vietnam and was defined by “Morning Star”.

Typhoon # 6: Typhoon Megi
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Ivan Cabrera, a CNN meteorologist, declared that typhoon Megi, was one of the strongest typhoons ever experienced on the planet since 2005. The speed of the typhoon was recorded to be at 225kph. The typhoon hit in the year 2010 in the north east part of Luzon, Philippines. After it struck the Philippines, Typhoon Megi recaptured strength and moved to the South China Sea and eventually deteriorated its power. The cost of the typhoon’s damage was about $693.7 million. Moreover, the typhoon was the only typhoon in the year 2010 to have reached a Super Typhoon Status.

Typhoon # 5: Typhoon Ida
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Typhoon Ida struck on September 24 in the 1960’s. It had hit Japan with its 115 mph speed and impact and caused 700 people missing and 300 people dead. The typhoon indeed has caused a great damage not only to Japan’s properties but also to its people. The structures back then are not that strong, making speedy winds and rushing waters a very damaging problem to many places throughout the Land of the Rising Sun.

Typhoon # 4: Hurricane Kenna
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Typhoon Kenna was a category 5 hurricane. It was recorded to be the 3rd strongest Pacific hurricane that hit Mexico’s coast. This happened in October 25, 2002. The Typhoon’s speed was 140 mph and damaged about 101 million dollars-worth of properties. Just imagine the winds that run as fast a sports car. It can easily blow away everything that crosses its path.

Typhoon # 3: Hurricane Katrina
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The Hurricane Katrina happened in August of the year 2005. It was spotted in Louisiana and Mississippi wherein the minimum pressure recorded was 905 millibars or 26.64 inches. It was recorded that Hurricane Katrina was the second strongest storm that struck the entire US. The damage of Hurricane Katrina was on the news all over the world while it was happening and even after the storm passed. The country was devastated with the harm and damage it had caused to its people and their properties.

Typhoon # 2: Typhoon Cora
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The Typhoon Cora reached a peak of 175 mph. It had hit Okinawa, North east of China and South Korea.

Typhoon # 1: Typhoon Tip
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On October 12, 1979, Typhoon Tip hit Guam and Japan with a speed of 190mph. Around 100 people were killed and the cost of damage was unknown. The typhoon was the 12th typhoon and the nineteenth tropical storm of the 1979 Pacific typhoon season. With a diameter of 1,380 mi, the typhoon Tip was recorded to be the largest tropical cyclone ever experienced in the entire world.