Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 10 Most Destructive Batsmen – [CRICKET]

Cricket one of the most popular game in the world along with Soccer, Hockey, Basket Ball and Tennis. The fan following of this game is very huge and people around the world kills their personal works so that they can enjoy the cricket match. Like everybody knows that Cricket game consists of three formats; Test, One Day and T20 but the most popular format is One Day Cricket. Like very recently the conclusion of the World Cup 2011 has once again reignited the craziness of the One Day cricket. Thrilling and nail biting finishes are most exciting genres of One Day cricket. Well I am done with the essay on One Day Cricket and now let’s talk about those guys who have made this format exciting and thrilling. These guys have the charisma to attract the people around the globe and spread entertainment with their blistering performances and not just this, they are considered as the heroes among their nations. The name mentioned below are the names of those destructive and dangerous batsmen who can thrash any bowling lineup with their unstoppable hitting. So let’s take a look on 10 most destructive batsmen in the world of cricket.

10. Tillakaratne Dilshan:

Tillakaratne Dilshan Top 10 Most Destructive Batsmen   [CRICKET]
The current captain of the Sri Lankan team, Dilshan’s natural game is very synonymous to destruction. Dilshan has the ability to score quickly and can hit big shots that make the bowler frustrated. From the last two to three years, Dilshan has become one of the biggest threats to the opposition and is considered as the most important and vital asset of the Sri Lankan team. As an opener he provides the opportunity to the middle order to score freely without feeling any pressure.

9. Brendon McCullum:

Brendon McCullum Top 10 Most Destructive Batsmen   [CRICKET]
Wicketkeeper batsman, Brendon McCullum is one of the most important assets of the New Zealand batting site. Brendon is also one of those guys who are considered as the biggest threat to the opposition because of his powerful and big hitting. He is stylish, he is dangerous and he is destructive.

8. Kevin Pieterson:

Kevin Pietersen Top 10 Most Destructive Batsmen   [CRICKET]
Kevin Pieterson made his way in the England team and quickly established himself as the first choice batsman in the English Batting lineup. Kevin Pieterson has a unorthodox batting style and he is capable of hitting big shots and can score quickly. He is considered as one of the most dangerous batsmen of the present era and he alone has guided his team home towards victory uncountable times.

7. Virender Sehwag:

virender sehwag Top 10 Most Destructive Batsmen   [CRICKET]
Well Indian team has the best batting lineup today which is compromised of big names and the one of the big name is none other than Virender Sehwag. Sehwag has strong wrists which is the reason why he is one of the dangerous batsmen in the cricketing world. He is one of the few batsmen who has the strike rate of above hundred. Virender Sehwag is considered as the backbone of the Indian batting lineup because when he gets going, no one can stop him.

6. Shane Watson:

Shane Watso Top 10 Most Destructive Batsmen   [CRICKET]
Early in his career, Shane Watson has to battle through many injuries but when he made his return, he explodes like no one expected. An opener, Shane Watson provides a kind of a start which eases the pressure on the middle order and when he switches to his big hitting mood, the bowlers start praying and beg for mercy. Shane Watson has all the skills and talent that can destroy the opposition bowling lineup and he has proved this on numerous occasions.

5. Abdur Razzaq:

abdur razzaq Top 10 Most Destructive Batsmen   [CRICKET]
Along with his Boom Boom! Team mate Shahid Afridi, Abdur Razzaq is another very dangerous batsman in Pakistani Cricket Team. This man can perform in any circumstances no matter what the situation demands. For his clean and hard hitting, Abdur Razzaq has been nicknamed Bang Bang Razzaq. He normally comes down to the batting order when there are few overs left and there is a massive target in front of him and very efficiently acts as a finisher in the Pakistani site.

4. M S Dhoni:

ms dhoni Top 10 Most Destructive Batsmen   [CRICKET]
From the past 6 years M S Dhoni has become a very vital and important part of the Indian Cricket Team. The highlight of his career clearly shows that how much he has destroyed the oppositions with his blistering knocks and just for the record; he is the current captain of the Indian site in all formats. Dhoni is not only a intelligent captain but also a very destructive and dangerous batsman and has proved this thing on numerous occasions.

3. Michael Hussey:

michael hussey Top 10 Most Destructive Batsmen   [CRICKET]
Nicknamed Mr. Cricket. It is believed that Michael Hussey has the best cricketing brain the world and he is considered as the greatest asset of the Australian team. Since his debut, Hussey has established himself as the frontline batsman in the Australian site and he has guided his team to convincing victories on numerous occasions. He can smash quick fire knocks and can also play defensively whatever is the demand of the situation and this is for sure that he is one of the biggest threat for any opposition.

2. Chris Gayle:

chris gayle Top 10 Most Destructive Batsmen   [CRICKET]
Over 6 feet tall, cool and calm in nature with tremendous wrist power. Chris Gayle is the man who can single handedly snatch the game from the opposition with his blazing knocks and high power hitting. West Indian team depends entirely on his shoulder and he very proudly accepts this responsibility and is always ready to dismantle the opposition. His entire career is role model for the coming generations and if I say that he is one of the most dangerous batsman alive today, then I don’t think that anyone would disagree.

1. Shahid Afridi:

shahid afridi Top 10 Most Destructive Batsmen   [CRICKET]
The man who rose to prominence in just his second match where he blasted the fastest century in the history of ODI cricket. Shahid Afridi is considered as one of the most feared cricketer in the world and this statement can be justified when we look at his strike rate because he has the highest strike rate by any batsman in the history of cricket. His hard hitting and destructive batting is the reason why every opposition is afraid of him. When he is in mood, everyone runs for their lives. Adding another milestone in his achievements, Shahid Afridi has smashed the longest and the biggest six in the history against Australia.