Saturday, November 12, 2011

Top 5 most amazing structures of the world

5: Regatta hotel, Jakarta 

Taking the form of ten apartment towers, a five-star hotel and an Aqua Park in a complex spawning across 11 hectares of domesticated land, the Regatta project is surely one of the best structures you will come across. Regatta’s development follows a nautical theme, the centrepiece of which being an aerodynamically shaped hotel bounds to be one of the most affecting landscape features overlooking the Java Sea. It has sea as your backyard an a spellbinding view.

4: cctv headquarters, China 

The cctv headquarters in China, is a unique structure.. It is so amazingly moulded in the 'Z-zig zag' mode and looks extremely dazing. It may not be the tallest structure or the largest but it is very awesome in terms of design and treatment. The Main Building, with a total floor space of about 380,000 square meters, is divided into five divisions: the administration division, the comprehensive business division, the news production and broadcasting division, the broadcasting division and the program production division. The designed new CCTV building can not only represent the new image of Beijing, but also express, in the language of architecture,  and the cultural nature of the TV industry.

3: Chicago spire, USA

The Chicago spire stands tall at no.3 and virtually so as it is boasted as one of the most significant residential developments in the world and also the tallest. A simple inspiration and a great result that is there for everyone to see by the year 2010. It is inspired by nature and its complexities and beauty. This 609m structure will rule the Chicago skyline and our hearts too.

2: Residence Antilia, India

Designed by SITE and called Residence Antilia, the scheme is being developed by Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries. Rising to 245 metres the building has only 40 floors, and yet manages to reach the height it does. Residence Antilia will be mixed use serving partly as the headquarters for the Reliance Industries on the lowest floors plus parking for workers with the upper levels being the private residing of Ambani and his family. In-between will be levels of apartments for guests, a kitchen and laundry floor, and several leisure floors making what is in-effect a new home for a very rich man and one of the most amazing private residences in the world with building facilities.

1: Aqua, USA 

Aqua is  sure enough deserves to be on the no.1 position. With attractive design and advanced concept Aqua surely manages to be the biggest show stealer of all time. The liquid contour of Aqua’s exterior makes distinctive floor plans with most residences having their own unique balcony design. Aqua’s balconies not only create the impressive exterior shape of the building, they bring identity to each home. With no two balconies alike, and now each unique owner has a unique condyou gotta hold your breath as f. Floor to ceiling buildings will take your breath away with that beautiful view right outside.