Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Largest 10 Cruise Ships In The World

Crossing the Ocean has always fascinated us. Crossing it in outstanding luxury and safety became more and more important for the passengers and for the ship-owners as well. This is when cruise ships began to gain in popularity, in size and in opulence. Nowadays, the competition between the largest cruise ships in the world is tight. One year to the other, bigger ships are built, new features are added and the range of leisure activities becomes more and more diverse. These huge vessels are becoming cities of pleasure and the passengers cannot but enjoy this rage of modernization.

1. Allure of the Seas

Allure of the seas
Allure of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, was constructed in Turku Finland. It’s first trip was on October 2010, when the vessel departed to its home port, in Florida. This event was extremely broadcasted and criticism of its impressive height was heard pretty fast.  It was inferred that the distance between its telescoping funnels and bridges was too little and the risk of contact was high. Specialists disagreed to that. Allure of the Seas possesses a two-deck dance hall, as well as a theatre, a Starbucks cafĂ© (first time on a ship) and even an ice skating rink.

2. Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas
Oasis of the Seas comes second in this top, despite of being the twin sister of the previous presented ship. This is because of a non-intentional difference of few inches which was noticed between the two vessels. The ship established a new record when it carried 6.000 persons .The cost of this beauty was estimated at 1.4 billion $, and it weights 100.000 tons, same as Allure of the Seas. Among the vessel’s facilities are a mini-golf course, several bars, clubs, swimming pools as well as volleyball and basketball fields. Passengers may enjoy many other activities and shows as well.

3. Freedom of the Seas

This ship was on top position before the construction of the two above. It can take 4600 persons on board (crew members included) and its cost was of approximately 800.000 $. This amazing ship is owned by The Royal Caribbean International, same as Allure of the Seas and her sister. It also features some cool facilities, such as a water park, a Sorrento’s pizzeria, Wi-Fi and cell phone coverage, as well as a 3D cinema.

4. Liberty of the Seas

The vessel is on the same place as the previously presented one as it belongs to the same class, called ‘Freedom class’, its construction cost was the same and the number of people allowed on board coincides as well.  The length of Liberty of the Seas is of 338.91 meters and its width is of 56.8 meters. It features 18 decks among which, 15 are for the passengers. This big ship is one of the safest in the world, so you should have no worries if you’re planning a cruise.

5. Independence of the Seas

Independence of the sea
As in the case of the other ships presented here, Royal Caribbean International is the owner of Independence of the Seas. Being a sister ship of the previous two, its measurements are almost the same. The capacity of the ship is of 5710 people, crew included, more than the other two. The ship sails at a speed of 40 Km per hour , in European waters. Among its great attractions are the sports deck, the shopping street and the heated fresh water pools, first of this type on a ship belonging to this company.

6.  Norwegian Epic

cruise ship
Norwegian Epic belongs to the Norwegian Cruise line and it features a world class spa, a fitness centers, clubs and a world famous ‘white hot party’. The Norwegian epic also introduces a new type of cruise, the freestyle cruising, which allows passengers to enjoy flexible schedules (including dinner hours and table choice), according to their own desire. This innovation made Norwegian Cruise Line one of the best options for a trip, no matter its reason.

7.  Queen Mary 2

cruise ship
This ship is a transatlantic ocean liner and at the time of its release (2003), it was the largest cruise ship in the world. Even if it was soon dethroned by the Caribbean cruise ships mentioned before, it remains the biggest cruise liner in history, up to this day.  Queen Marry 2 is owned by Cunrad Line ad it had an estimated cost of 900 million $. Among its original attractions are a ballroom and the only planetarium ever built on a ship.  In contrast with the Norwegian Epic, this cruise ship of English concept is a symbol of the vanishing class difference system.

8. Navigator of the Seas

cruise ship
Owned by the Royal Caribbean International, this ship belongs to the Voyager class, but it has some original traits comparing to the other ships on its category. One of these features is a glass balcony and an Asian buffet. The Navigator of the Seas sails in Europe in summer and in the USA during the winter. This large vessel measures 311.1 meters in length and it is 49.1 meters wide.

9. Mariner of the Seas

 cruise ship
Mariner of the seas is the twin sister of the Navigator, because, it features the same changes which differentiate these two vessels from the others in the Voyager class. This ship had a production cost of 650 million $ and it posses great lodgment facilities, as well as interior and exterior balconies offering better views and a wide range of dinner options.  The Mariner cruises in Europe, between several Mediterranean countries and offers unforgettable holidays to all of its passengers.

10.  Explorer of the Seas

cruise ship
The last cruise ship in my top, Explorer of the seas was built in 2000, being ranked as the largest cruise ship in the world at that point. It is 311 meters long and 38 meters wide and it weights 137, 308 tones (gross tonnage).  Among its conveniences (revolutionary at that time and wonderful at this point as well) are the rock-climbing wall, themed restaurants and bars, oceanographic and atmospheric laboratories to be used by scientists, well equipped conference rooms and any other attraction for every taste.