Sunday, December 18, 2011

Top 10 Snipers

Are you one of the people who enjoy snipers movies? Who doesn’t! The main character always has to be a great sniper, as snipers are always heroes in their own lands and the no. 1 enemies in the countries they fight against.  These talented men, these brave soldiers remained in history for their talent to kill. These are the top 10 best snipers in the world:

1. Navy SEAL Snipers

SEAL snipers are ones of the best snipers in the world, as everybody will agree. They acquire their skills after hours and hours of training and are ready to go for the kill every time the situation demands it. When Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama gave himself over to the pirates who tried to take over his ship, in order to save the life of his men, the SEAL snipers succeeded to coordinate their shots and killed the 3 pirates in the same time, saving the captain’s life.

2. Rob Furlong

Rob Furlong, A Canadian Corporal is one of the finest snipers in the Canadian army, renowned for their mastering of this field, and also a record holder as the farthest sniper to kill in history. He shot dead an Al-Qaeda member from 2,430 members away.

3. Chuck Mawhinney

Chuck Mawhinney, one of the best snipers in the Vietnam War, established a record of 103 confirmed kills, with another 213 unconfirmed. Surprisingly, the US Marine Corps sniper did not try to make his performance known to the world but by contrary, he hid it even from his wife. It was only when another sniper, a former colleague wrote a book, (“Dear mom: a sniper’s Vietnam)

4. Thomas Murphy

Surprisingly, America owns its independence to a single, gifted sniper. During the Battle of Saratoga (1777) decided the faith of the Independence War, but during that battle, the perfect shot of Timothy Murphy who killed Gen. Simon Fraser, was decisive.  He used the great long-barrel Kentucky rifle to accomplish this task.

5. Vasily Zaytev

Vasily Zaytev is one truly famous sniper and his amazing record was so impressive that it was even put into a movie called “Enemy at the Gates”, in 2001. His record, of 149 confirmed kills and another 400 unconfirmed ones is astonishing. Around this sniper and a very skilled German rifleman a legend was born: it talks about a sniper duel which is also featured in the movie. Despite the duel being recorded in his diary, this story remains controversial to this day.

6. Lyudmila Pavlichenko

This young woman became so famous for being one of the best snipers of the World War 2 that she was even interviewed by the Time magazine, in 1942. She killed no less than 309 Nazi soldiers, a truly astonishing figure that earned her a well deserved place on this list. Her story is an interesting one: after joining the army of her own will, she found herself incapable of hurting another human being. However, all her doubts vanished when she saw a young Russian soldier being killed in front of her eyes.

7. Francis Pegahmagabow

This sniper stood out in the World War I, not only for the 378 kills, but also for the extreme bravery and ability he proved by running messages and bringing more ammunition  through heavy enemy fire. His skills were acquired in his childhood and youth, as he was preparing to become an Ojibwa warrior. Despite his many qualities, he was forgotten as soon as the war was over.

8. Adelbert F. Waldron III

When it comes to top snipers, America stands out with Staff Sergeant, Adelbert F. Waldron III, who became well-known during the Vietnam War and is largely considered the best sniper in America. Among Sergeant Waldron’s remarkable accomplishments is that of killing a Vietcong sniper who had climbed a coconut tree from one shot, from a waving Tango boat.

9. Simo Häyä

Known as the White Death, this Finish sniper took out more than 500(!) soldiers during the Russian invasion of Finland, in 1939 (the so called “Winter War”). He did not have any laser or other modern conveniences and had to rely on his own talent and ability. The White Death may be unknown to most of you but he ranks among the best snipers in the world/

10. Carlos Hathcock

Even though he does not hold any records, he is one of the most famous snipers in the world. A true legend, Hatchcock has a Marine award named after him and so was a shooting range in North Carolina. This brave sniper was born with the shooting talent and thus, after joining the Marines his talent was soon discovered. Sent in Vietnam, he refused to stay away from the fight scene and his wish to shoot Vietcong soldiers was so big that he had to be confined to quarters, in order to take a break.