Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top 10 Most Famous magazines

Reading magazines or just leafing through them is a popular way to utilize time in a positive way. Many people resort to subscribing to a number of the best and most popular magazines throughout the year to keep themselves engaged and busy in their free time while remaining up to date on the latest news and happenings of the world. Magazines evolved from newspapers with the specific aim to bring compiled information of the subject or things related to it. Magazines also provide knowledge of the latest developments in the fields of their concern and interest, be it finance, technology, fashion or pure entertainment. Therefore, the following list of the top 10 most popular and famous magazines the world over has been compiled to give you an idea of the most popular magazines which attract a lot of readers and subscriptions. These are the magazines that people look forward to each month and eagerly grab a copy off the newsstand or have one delivered straight to their homes so that they can enjoy the latest on the subject of their interest.

10. Real Simple

Real Simple 
Real Simple
magazine starts off our top 10 list at 10th and is aimed at women and their issues. It focuses on home related topics that might be of interest and benefit to the household woman. Topics covered in Real Simple include tasty recipes for cooking, tips on home improvement and making the interior look more attractive and beautiful and effective gardening. Real Simple also goes one step ahead and also suggests new ways to productively utilize unused objects in the house in each edition! Clothing for women is another feature covered in the Real Simple and yet again as its name suggests, all the tips and tricks regarding this subject is narrated out in a very simple way so that it is easy for every reader of Real Simple to be able to understand and implement the advice in her home.

9. Men’s Health
Men’s Health  
Men’s Health
is surprisingly very popular with men around the world. As a result, to cater to customer demand, the editors publish a total of forty-four editions the world over for a single issue! Who says men are not conscious about their diet, body and health? Well, Men’s Health magazine proves them all wrong! Also, the magazine covers other non-health issues related to men or topics which may attract attention by the masculine sex, topics such as travel, technology, finance et cetera. Men’s Health magazine is a hot favorite for men the world over and especially in the United States where men devotedly buy it magazine for the latest news and trends on health, fashion, technology or travel et cetera or any other “men’s issue” that might interest them and would be worth a read.

8. The New York Times Magazine
The New York Times Magazine 
Again, as its name suggests, The New York Times Magazine is a magazine published by the New York Times Daily in New York. The magazine is known for its rich and quality feature articles as well as its coverage of different issues in its issue which is published every Sunday. The New York Times magazine is very popular, especially amongst the audience in the United States because of its coverage of different aspects of the society with a high standard of reporting. However, The New York Times magazine lands at number 8 in the top 10 most famous and popular magazines list but has also been criticized of always toeing the line of the “high society” that is the privileged club of the few rich and the famous relative to the other segments of the society. The magazine has been criticized for focusing on the first class society alone.

7. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone  
Rolling Stone
is the only bimonthly magazine in our list of Top 10 popular and famous magazines and deals with music and politics to an extent. It is accepted as an authority in all matters relating to music. An amazing fact about this publication is that the guy who started off this magazine in 1967 is still the editor in chief! With almost 1.5 million copies in circulation, it is printed in more than 19 countries. Music lovers are so dedicated to Rolling Stone that it is considered a sin of not having a subscription of this publication in the music circles!

6. Vogue

The word Vogue basically means a passing trend or fashion. This describes this magazine quite accurately as it keep sits readers abreast of the latest trends and fashions from around the world and also plays a major role in introducing new ones to the women of the world. Vogue also holds the record for publishing the heaviest magazine edition. The September 2007 edition had 840 pages and weighted more than a kilo! A few years ago a book and movie were made depicting (not directly) the magazine staff, their ways of life and the power involved with such a company.

5. The Lady Magazine

The Lady Magazine  
The Lady Magazine
is probably the oldest magazine in print still running with first publication dating way back to 1885. The magazine is about activities and interests relating to ladies and especially those residing in the United Kingdom. As per public opinion, The Lady Magazine comes in 5th in the top 10 most famous and popular magazines list and is particularly known for its advertisements relating to domestic services required by the well off ladies, especially but not restricted to London, since the magazine has been based in London ever since its inception. Child Care advertisements are another signature feature of The Lady Magazine which makes it very popular and famous. The Lady Magazine focuses on anything that pertains to ladies such as cooking, organizing the house, marital relationships, so on and so forth. So, if you are a lady, you must take a look at what The Lady Magazine has to offer you with its rich experience with lady subscribers!

4. Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated  
Sports illustrated
, as its name shows, is a sports related magazine that is  very popular with people because of its up to date reporting on sports related events around the globe. Sports Illustrated enjoys a big clientele and people enjoy reading it for the latest information on sports which is reliable and trustworthy. The magazine, with its huge number of subscribers, has twice won the most subscribed to magazine of the world award. Sports Illustrated has regular features in its news reporting that are hot favorites which makes it a very popular read with a special mention of its high definition breath-taking pictures of athletes in action. The subscription of Sports Illustrated is supposed to increase over time, with more and more fans joining the club of Sports Illustrated Readers. It is ranked 4th in the top 10 most famous and popular magazines list.

3. Playboy
Not much can be said here about the Playboy magazine except that it is a non-violent adult entertainment magazine and ranks 3rd in the top 10 most famous and popular magazines list. Although not quite legal to be sold in many countries, it enjoys a huge and dedicated following of readers who enjoy the content of this magazine. The magazine basically has pictures, letters from the readers and another section for stories. Another special is the interview section where stars from every walk of life are invited and asked interesting section. The annual Playboy edition covers up most of the year’s progress in its field and is treated as a collector’s item!

2. National Geographic
National Geographic  
National Geographic
is probably the authority on nature related phenomena and events. Clinching the Top Slot in environmental and Wildlife related documentaries as well as documentaries on different cultures around the world; National Geographic is a household name anywhere in the world when it comes to wildlife! Certainly any nature of wildlife program or article would not be complete without National Geographic or atleast a reference to it. With its Television channel running side-by side its print publications, its popularity has only increased as more and more people are now able to watch and see what National Geographic has to tell them about natural phenomena than it was possible for them before the launch of the channel. National Geographic has a sky-rocketing rapport that it has enjoyed for years now owing to the persistently high quality work of its photographers, writers and media men.

1. Time Magazine
Time Magazine  
Time magazine
is one of the oldest and widely read magazines in the world and is number 1 in the top 10 most famous and popular magazines list. Known for its editorials and its watch on news worldwide, Time Magazine is a hot favorite for many people who have an interest in keeping a track of what’s happening around the world. The Top Stories Section in Time Magazine covers the most important news events that have happened around the globe, irrespective of country or race. The Time Magazine Man of the Year is yet another feature that is celebrated and to which people look forward to. Time Magazine has provided readers with the latest news for decades and has built up its rapport as amongst the best and widely circulated magazines in the world. It has a large following in the form of subscriptions, Rss and digital editions.