Saturday, September 10, 2011

IPL 4 Vs ICC World Cup 2011: Which is better?

Just 26 Days are remaining for the ICC World Cup 2011 to begin and soon after the World Cup ends, the IPL 4 will start. Which is watch worth ICC World Cup 2011 or IPL 4?
The ICC World Cup 2011 is scheduled to begin on 19th February and will end on 2nd April with a final match between the two semi final Winner. Only six days after the conclusion of the World Cup 2011, the Indian Premier League-4 will start on 8th April. The ICC cricket world cup is an international championship that held every four year since 1975 while the Indian Premier League (IPL) is Twenty20 cricket competition in India that held every year since 2008. In the ICC cricket world cup, one day matches (50-over each team) are held between teams of different countries with preliminary qualification rounds to the final match.
Cricket is world’s most popular game and now it is changed too much than earlier. Previously, only test matches and one day internationals were being played. However some year ago, ICC world Twenty20 cricket competition has been started which attracts people more toward cricket fantasy. Due to the increased popularity of Twenty20 cricket tournament, IPL was begun after an altercation between the Indian Cricket League and the BCCI.
IPL cricket tournament is totally different from the ICC cricket world cup as its team contains players from different countries, not only from one specific country. Also, the IPL is a Twenty20 cricket competition. Current year, IPL cricket tournament will come soon after the ICC cricket world cup so it is a 90-day chock-a-block cricket calendar that will be the largest media extravaganza in terms of both revenue and viewership. Total 49 matches will be played in the ICC World Cup at India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. IPL Season 4 will involve 74 matches that will be played between 10 teams. Get ready for the overdose of cricket which will be approaching soon.
First time, the celebrated domestic cricket tournament, the IPL will take place in the same window as the 50-over World Cup tournament. The ICC World Cup is an international cricket tournament that is played between teams of different country. Each time, World Cup takes place in the final quarter of the financial year so its timing will suit industries for example banking, insurance and mutual funds. The stature of the World Cup is too high and its success is dependent on the performance of any particular team.
ICC World Cup is the 50-over tournament so sometimes it may be boring to watch. Nowadays, most of people prefer to watch IPL rather than ICC World Cup as it is 20-20 means the shorter version of the game. Also, the teams of IPL contain all best international players in so it is interesting to watch the hard hitting boundaries.
ICC World Cup
More enjoyable
Not so enjoyable as the longest inning
20-20 cricket Tournament
50-50 cricket Tournament
Matches are played between teams which consist players of different countries
Matches are played between teams of different countries
Players play Aggressive/Attacking inning as 20 over limitation
Players play Aggressive/defensive inning as 50 over limitation Aggressive/Attacking inning is seen during first 15 and last 5 overs due to fielding restriction
It would be unfair to compare the ICC World Cup and IPL as they are two different things and both are better for their own reasons. In terms of viewership, both have not much difference because they have their own element of following. In a fragmented media environment, cricket remains the best impact property. So in terms of revenue, both the ICC World Cup and IPL will be the largest extravaganza.