Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Celebrities Who Attempted Suicide but Failed

Hollywood is filled with celebrities who attempted suicide but failed. Fortunately , the 10 famous persons on this list were saved on time and continued with their lives. Most of them are back on track and found their happiness. Here are those 10 stars who wanted to end with their lives but they were unsuccessful:

1. Drew Barrymore

drew barrymore
Drew Barrymore did not have a great start in Hollywood. As a child actor, she was introduced, by her own mother, to drugs and alcohool, to which she became addicted as early as 10 years old. After trying to escape drinking and cocaine addiction (she was also smoking at 9 years old), she became depressed  and tried to kill herself when she was only 15 years old.  It’s amazing that she managed to get cured and stay clean since then!

2. Halle Berry

2. halle berry
Halle Berry had an attempt to poison herself with carbon monoxide after breaking up with her first husband, David Justice. Fortunately for her and for her fans, while sitting in her car and waiting to die, she thought of her mother finding her and could not go on with it.

3. Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson Walks Red Carpet in Sydney  for the movie Hall Pass
In 2007, Owen Wilson was also among the celebrities who tried to kill themselves and lived to tell the story. He slashed his wrists, but was found by his brother in time, so he could be saved. His reasons are linked to his breaking up with Kate Hudson and drug abuse. However, we are sure happy that he is still around!

4. Fantasia Barrino

For those of you who do not know it, Fantasia Barrino won the season three of American Idol. In 2010, she took an overdose of aspirin and sleeping pills and she would have surely died if she hadn’t been found by her manager.

5. Elizabeth Taylor

elizabeth taylor
Elizabeth Taylor’s life was not free of troubles and moments of despair.  Having faced the death of some close friends and being tormented by her alcohol and sleeping pills addiction was bad enough; but when her lover, Richard Burton, who was married, called her to end their relationship, she could not take it anymore and tried to take her own life by an sleeping pills overdose .

6. Eminem

Eminem was also heart broken when Kim left him, taking Hailie, their daughter, with her. Thus, he took a Tylenol overdose in 1996, before having become famous. Fortunately, he was saved and he was also forgiven by Kim who married him soon after.

7. Elton John

7. elton john
Elton John’s attempt to kill himself was not caused by an impossible love, but, by contrary, by his despair on having promissed to marry heiress Lisa Woodrow. However, his suicidal attempt was interrupted by a friend who passed by his home and found him with the head in the gas oven. The apartment windows were open, however, and the oven was set on low.

8. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
This year, Jonathan Rhys-Mayers, the main character of HBO’s “The Tudors” tried to end with his life by taking a pill overdose. Apparently, his mental melt down was caused by the serious drinking problem he has and for which he found no solution so far.

9. Princess Diana

According to her biography, published by in 1992 by Andrew Morton, Princess Diana was very troubled and tried to kill herself several times. Apparently, she attempted suicide even when she was pregnant with her son, William, but none of these sad events were admitted by the royal family. Unfortunately, she was one princess that did not “live happily ever after”…

10. Britney Spears

10 britney
The list of celebrities who attempted suicide but failed could be much longer, as it seems that celebrity comes with a great dose of unhappiness and despair. Britney Spears in one  of the stars that experienced both after her decay and after having experienced an unsuccessful marriage as well. Thus, she attempted to end with her life two times already.