Thursday, September 1, 2011

Most Dangerous Places of the World

1. Russia

This country is full of violence and terrorism as there are more gangsters than policemen. It is said that a Russian is murdered after every 18 minutes and average of 84 murders per day. Kidnapping, pocket picking, street robbery including robbery of cell phones, cameras, cash and physical attacks are common crimes. Foreigners are kidnapped frequently because more ransom is demanded from them.
dangerous countries to travel

2. Brazil

Although this country is prospering but still crime rates are hiking every day. Due to technological advancement crimes have become easy to commit as “Quicknappings” is one of the examples. Kidnapers can catch you on street and take you on ATM and demand ransom from you. Other crimes as pocket picking, bribing, physical assaulting, and drugs are normal.
Brazil dangerous country

3. South Africa

It is most dangerous place for ladies especially because in South Africa rape rate is very high. Every year rape incidents are increasing and even murder rates are also increasing. Most of the crimes are rooted in rural places and farms are most susceptible places to commit crime. Sex in South Africa is very dangerous as 10 million people are infected with HIV.
South Africa

4. Burundi

This small and heavily populated country is populated with excessive crimes. Mass killing and environmental problems is a constant headache for communities. Kidnapping, physical assaulting, murders, and street crimes are practiced very much in this place and especially foreigners are favorite victims of armed children and terrorists.

5. Antarctica

Antarctica is not prone to crimes as murders, kidnapping, robbery, and rape but weather conditions are very severe in this part of earth. Chilling, freezing cold can freeze you easily and temperature is dropping every day and temperature falls to below -60 degree Celsius. There are no hospitals to keep you alive so be cautious before stepping in such icy cold place.

6. Afghanistan

If I say this country is home of terrorists then I will not be wrong. This poor, underdeveloped and most economically and politically unstable country is extremely dangerous as thousands of people loose their lives every day due to suicide bombing, underground mines that can explode any time and culture in this country is also stiff and hostile. You will not find any women out of their homes. Almost every individual has guns, rifles, and arms. Moreover this country is also victim of many natural disasters. Environmental conditions are very harsh as you will find arid planes and mountains all over.

7. Somalia

This country is prone to wars and attacks by several countries and there are many other elevating problems as anarchy, corruption, lack of stability in government and starvation. You are not only unsafe on land of this country but also in water. As pirates roam in waters to attack on boats and ships. Before entering into this place make sure to get insurance policy.

8. Sudan

Crimes like murders, physical assaulting, destruction, and terrorisms are other names of Sudan. Violence like car bombing, rocket launching, and genocide all are common there. If you say that Sudan is worst place on earth then you will be definitely correct. It is also most susceptible to wars and attacks.

9. Colombia

The place that is un-famed for kidnapping and murders. Victims of kidnapping are killed ruthlessly and heavy ransoms are demanded. It is on 4th rank in world for assignations of people. It is poisonous of all as if you will visit this country then you may be the next victim to be caught by kidnappers.

10. Iraq Civil wars, foreign attacks from developed countries; unstable government, poor economic conditions are problems of this country. Although this country is richest as it has oil reserves which are major targets of developed countries. If you say this place is like hell on this earth then you are not wrong.