Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 10 countries with highest Olympic gold medals

Olympic is a symbol of unity among the world Olympics started from a city of Greece Athens on 8th century BC. It’s the foremost event over the world. In this Athlete from every country compete amongst each other after 4 years for the dignity, honor, respect and Wrath for their county. Olympics fetch all the nations together under the shade of this event. But now it is divided into summer and winter games by IOC. Medals Top 10 Countries With Highest Olympic Gold Medals

10). China:

In the world it came on the 10th rank and it won 112 medals. It is improving in the event.

9). Japan:

It won 114 medals it is known as a fair player in event.

8). Australia:

It is a good participant in basket ball and hockey and it won 117 medals.

7). Sweden:

It is popular in swimming and wrestling and it won 142 medals in Olympics.

6). Germany:

It has won 147 medals but its team could not be united because of division after world war it medals is divided in east and west Germany.

5). Hungary:

It won 156 medals and it came on 5th rank.

4). Italy:

It is the 4th rank. And it won 182 gold medals it is famous in alpine skiing and swimming.

3). France:

It is the 3rd rank. It got 184 gold medals till now it is famous in curling baiting and man’s sprint.

2). United Kingdom:

It is the country which participate almost in every game it has most participants than any other country it has 189 gold medals till now.

1). United States:

It is the top scorer gold medalist country its national game is basketball and it proves in Olympics and undefeated in the event and the most gold media; are earned by it 894.