Saturday, September 10, 2011

Top Ten Reason to buy Audi A7

Now a car is a need of all people to travel from their home to their work place, market or any other place where they want to go. Buying a car is very difficult job and now it has become more with the increase in the variety of cars and new technologies that are being introduced by different motor companies. All these companies are making cars that most the people can buy but they also make expensive cars with all the latest technologies that might not be affordable by most of the people. Whenever you are interested in buying expensive and luxurious car, it becomes harder for one to select the car, because every company produces their cars with some new and attractive feature. That is why Audi- a German company is also producing such cars that attract the attention of most of the people who want to buy good expensive and luxurious cars and likes to spend their money on buying new cars. Audi has produced many good luxurious cars such as Audi A7 and A8. I am going to share top ten reasons to buy Audi A7.
Audi A7

Sharp Stearing

very sharp indeed

A very important item that a driver always notices while sitting in a car is the steering of the car. The steering of the Audi A7 car is sharp, linear and direct. The wheel is comfortable to handle but it is typical of Audi pattern steering.

Cool Steering Wheel Shape

curves curves

The shape of the steering wheel is way more better then the steering itself. The rim of the steering wheel is thin with the small diameter which helps in handling such big car. It also gives the sporty look and maximum buttons are on it that a driver requires using while driving for the comfort of the driver. This is the 9th top reason to buy Audi A7.

Luxurious Interiors

lean back;relax


Audi A7 car provides a very luxurious interior which is comfortable for the driver. Whenever you sit in a driving seat in a car you need to fix you steering wheel accordingly but in Audi A7 you don’t need to fix your steering it has a very good position that driver feels fully comfortable with it. While driving this car one can have the really comfortable feeling that other cars don’t provide.

The Touchpad Navigation

Go Columbus!

The touch navigation system which is very convenient for the driver to input the address of the destination or the telephone number via the touchpad input. It can also be used for many other functions.

Choose the Engine That You Want!

 Engine types

6. You can buy Audi A7 with two different types of V6 engines. One is 2.8 liter with 204 horse power supercharged engine and the second is 3.0 liters with 300 horse power supercharged engine. These engines can produce to drive this heavy car without any stress. The engine is strong and durable. You can get 0 to 60 just in 7 seconds. It is all-wheel drive with eight speed automatic transmission. It has 18 inch alloy wheels with five link front suspension and then track controlled trapezoidal link rear wheel suspension.

Increased Safety

Includes Blindspot warnings

Audi A7 has also included safety features for its driver because now-e-days no car is complete without few compulsory safety features such as airbags. This car provides airbags like all other with lane departure warnings and blind spot warnings. These safety features keeps you safe from some unfortunate event or accident.

Catchy Exterior

Its Aerodynamic you silly

The exterior of the car is eye catching aggressive looks on the front with typical Audi style front bumper and head lights and with Audi sign in center. The car is aerodynamic shaped which gives you the best performance and with the loss of minimum energy in overcoming the air while moving at high speed. It has a glass roof which increases the beauty of the car and the sloped rear roof give a lot of the room for luggage.

The Multimedia Interface

music rocks

The interior of the Audi A7 car is eye blinking luxurious and abundant space for the passengers to fit in easily and feel comfortable. Audi A7 has advanced MMI system with reduced number of buttons and the option of new head up display that project the maximum information on to the windshield. It has all digital instrument panels that help the driver to control everything easily while driving. These digital instruments panel include touch-pad which is great and intuitive and six buttons for the radio channels.

Fluid Seat Positioning

we told you; sit back; relax

2. When you sit in the driving seat of the Audi A7 you can set the seat according to your own adjustment. The seat can be adjusted to the right height and back of the of the seat at the right position so you can feel comfortable and sporty and you can still see the bonnet of the car which helps you in driving and judging the distance from the cars ahead. The front seats of the car has heaters and massage functionality in them covered in the Audi leather. The heating functionality has been provided by different cars but the special thing about Audi A7 is that its heater can be controlled by a simple button no require of dial button. It has the sync button to control the temperature settings of the seats.

Various Assistance Systems

nothing can beat autopilot

1. The top reason for one to buy Audi A7 is the navigation systems assistance and safety system. The information of the route to the destination is forwarded to the control unit of the head lights and the automatic gear transmission so that they figure out to handle the complex scenarios that can be faced in that route. This route data is also forwarded to the adaptive cruise control. This safety system has given the new type of safety to the driver and the passengers. It reduce the chance of sever accidents.
These are the ten reasons that explain why one should buy Audi A7. These points tell that how comfortable and driver friendly is this car and full of new features and strong durable engine. The exterior of the car is aerodynamics and includes all latest safety technology. Audi A7 is a car which has attracted those who love sporty car and family car al-together.