Saturday, November 26, 2011

For the 10 highest earning international athletes

  • 1
    Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods


    Last Year's Rank: 1
    1. $2,294,116
    2. $60,000,000
    3. $62,294,116
    Tiger's empire has crumbled, but Rome wasn't built in a day. His Nike and EA deals still keep him on top of the charts while other endorsers -- and his game -- have gone in other directions. But his reign at No. 1 may soon be over. .
  • 2
    Phil Mickelson

    Phil Mickelson


    Last Year's Rank: 2
    1. $4,185,933
    2. $57,000,000
    3. $61,185,933
    Lefty's hefty sponsorship portfolio isn't flashy -- deals with Callaway, KPMG, Rolex, Barclays Capital, ExxonMobil and Amgen/Pfizer -- but he's one of the most reliable endorsers in pro sports. For more on Phil Mickelson go here.
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    LeBron James

    LeBron James

    Miami Heat (NBA)

    Last Year's Rank: 4
    1. $14,500,000
    2. $30,000,000
    3. $44,500,000
    There's plenty of room for LeBron's talent in his $9 million Coconut Grove mansion. King James' compound features a wine cellar, library, home theater and dock that can fit two 60-foot yachts. But all the money in the world can't buy an NBA title.
  • 4
    Peyton Manning

    Peyton Manning

    Indianapolis Colts (NFL)

    Last Year's Rank: 9
    1. $23,070,000
    2. $15,000,000
    3. $38,070,000
    Who needs a lucrative new contract, anyway? If the Colts place the franchise tag on the four-time NFL MVP again next year, Manning will earn more than $50 million in salary over two seasons.
  • 5
    Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez

    New York Yankees (MLB)

    Last Year's Rank: 5
    1. $32,000,000
    2. $4,000,000
    3. $36,000,000
    If A-Rod's bat catches fire, he could cash in this season on the first milestone bonus written into his contract: another $6 million for passing Willie Mays (No. 4 at 660) on the all-time home-run list.
  • 6
    Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant

    Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

    Last Year's Rank: 7
    1. $24,806,250
    2. $10,000,000
    3. $34,806,250
    Kobe relinquished a pair of back-to-back titles this spring: the NBA championship and his crown as the NBA's top jersey seller worldwide. LeBron's No. 6 Heat top now outsells Kobe's No. 24.
  • 7
    Kevin Garnett

    Kevin Garnett

    Boston Celtics (NBA)

    Last Year's Rank: 15
    1. $18,832,044
    2. $14,000,000
    3. $32,832,044
    This could be KG's final appearance on this list, as he's set to earn $21 million next season in the last year of his contract and could retire. He'll have earned more than $300 million over his career.
  • 8
    Matt Ryan

    Matt Ryan

    Atlanta Falcons (NFL)

    Last Year's Rank: NR
    1. $32,250,000
    2. $450,000
    3. $32,700,000
    The bulk of guaranteed money in Ryan's six-year, $72 million contract he signed in 2008 should be paid out this year, when he'll earn a $22 million roster bonus on top of his $10.25 million salary.
  • 9
    Tom Brady

    Tom Brady

    New England Patriots (NFL)

    Last Year's Rank: T-28
    1. $20,007,280
    2. $10,000,000
    3. $30,007,280
    Brady's four-year, $72 million extension signed last September gives him the highest average annual salary in the NFL. He's due to collect $10 million of his $16 million signing bonus in August.
  • 10
    Dwight Howard

    Dwight Howard

    Orlando Magic (NBA)

    Last Year's Rank: 12
    1. $16,647,180
    2. $12,000,000
    3. $28,647,180
    Any dream of Superman joining Lakers needs a cold dose of reality: Howard would have to accept a huge reduction from $17.9 million he's own next year; Kobe might have to take a pay cut, too.