Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Awesome careers at Apple Available Now!

Awesome careers at Apple are available right now! Apple is one of the biggest and more successful corporations in the world. If you are supporter of their products and if all your internet devices and gadgets bear Apple’s mark,now you have a chance to be involved in the manufacturing and selling of these products. Apple is recruiting for new personnel these days. A job at Apple is sure to take you to the top and transform your entire life. If you believe you have what it takes to be accepted by Apple’s recruiting personnel, here are some awesome jobs you might be interested in, as listed by Business Insider:

1. iOS Maps Application Developer

apple maps
First job described in this article is for software engineers. Apple’s maps team needs such a specialist to join their group. In order to be taken into consideration for this position, the engineer is required to have, among others: a BS in computer science, object-oriented programming and design skills as well as excellent communication and collaborative skills. Also, software engineers who have deep understanding of graphics technology and familiarity with location-based technologies will be favored.

2. Speech Recognition Engineer

If you consider yourself an excellent Speech Engineer and you’d like to contribute at the development of the Smartphone, than this is a great opportunity for you. You will work with the IOS Application Frameworks team and you will have the chance of taking part at a wide range of activities related to speech recognition. You are also expected to be a good team player because you will be working with engineers on the Application Frameworks team as well as other teams as Apple. Furthermore, working at fast peace should not be a problem for you, if you really consider a career at Apple, as this is one of their demands.

3. Manager of real Estate Analysis

If working for Steve Jobs was one of your dreams, here is a chance for you. This is one of the retail careers at Apple and it is a top position too:  as manager of the team which provides real estate financial analysis for the company. You are supposed to play a very important role in the real Estate strategy and to be able to lead the team efficiently and in the same time, to work with cross-functional business partners including Real Estate, Development, Retail Finance and Apple Corporate teams. In order to have a chance you should think analytically,
have great communication skills and be able to work successfully in an ever changing, very demanding environment. However, if you don’t have at least 8 years experience in a real estate finance related field, than you should probably forget it…

4. Factory Test Design Engineering Lead

The iPhone Factory Test Design Lead (TDL) is one of the best careers at Apple. However, it implies working in a fast paced environment, and having no difficulties driving cross-functional projects. Moreover, the Test Design Lead will be responsible with managing all the ongoing factory tests within the IPod Group for new product introduction, from prototype to mass production and he will be required to announce the result of the tests to the management. The ideal candidate has more than 10 years experience in this field, as well as knowledge of data analysis and statistics. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills are also a must. It may be a really demanding job but  your satisfaction, both personal and financial will probably exceed all difficulties.

5. Streaming engineer

apple t-shirt
The Interactive Media Group (IMG) provides the media and graphics foundation across all of Apple’s products, such as iPhone, Apple TV and Mac OS X. The responsibilities of the streaming engineer will include developing features for streaming media playback. The candidate will not be taken into consideration if he or she doesn’t have experience both  in development at multiple layers of the OS network stack and tuning network delivery for media content. Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science/Engineering, or equivalent are definitely a must, as well as more than 3 years experience of C/C++ development.

6. Windows engineer-iCloud

apple icloud
This position is for a senior software engineer, whose job will be that of writing client-side code responsible for delivering a world class set of online services, such as email, calendaring, photo galleries. One of the responsibilities of the windows engineer for iCloud will be that of developing new applications top to bottom and therefore, there is no room for mistakes. If you think that you are ready for one of the most desired careers at Apple, than here is what you still need to know:  7 years of experience are needed, strong knowledge of Windows software development tools is a must while Objective C or other OO language is a plus.

7.  SW Technology Evangelist for Mac OS and iOS

This job implies working with ISVs, so as to make them understand, elect, and take full advantage of full-featured technologies and framework. From the large list of responsibilities and requirements, here are some very important ones: organizing and leading hands-on programming workshops that assist 3rd party ISVs with the adoption of specific iOS or Mac OS technologies. Working with Apple’s iOS or Mac OS engineering teams to efficiently address issues blocking application frameworks adoption by developers. The perfect candidate has, among others, 5 year of experience with C, C++ and Objective C programming languages, a great attention to details and public speaking abilities, as well as problem solving skills.

8. Thunderbolt Firmware/Software Engineer

The successful candidate will have to develop and maintain firmware for embedded controllers for Thunderbolt products. Part of his job will also be the developing of new products and the maintaining of the old ones. Requirements for this positions are not as high, the candidate being asked to prove such skills as Conventional C language with minor use of assembly language, or basic use of oscilloscope and DVM. Also, Apple would like you to prove: ARM processor experience, logic analyzer experience, Cocoa experience, I2C, SVN, Mac OS X experience, in general. In order to apply for this job and become the proud employee of a top company, you must own a bachelor degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related domain.

9. New Products Operating Manager for iPad

apple engineer
iPad is one of Apple’s star products and the fast paced development and launch of the Apple products require many special aptitudes from Apple’s new NPO Manager.  This person must prove himself a natural leader as well as organized and detail oriented. Also, other necessary qualities, such as the ability of  carrying out his tasks successfully in an ambiguous environment, resolving conflicts, keeps his calm in tensionate situations and excels in program/ project management.  The NPO manager will be the one responsible with launching the products by meeting all its stated goals (such as price, availability and cost). In order to apply to this job, the candidate will need to prove more than 5 years experience in a related field.

10.Senior Vice-president of Retail Operations

rob johnson
Although this job  was not among the ones offered by Apple, we know that Rob Johnson, the senior vice-president of the Retail Operations has recently quit the company for another major American corporation. In an official announcement, a spokesman from Apple said that they were ‘actively recruiting’ a replacer for Johnson. As this is one of the best careers at Apple, you sould try to aplly as fast as possible