Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Top 10 Upcoming and Demanding 3DS Games for 2012

Tired of holding your mouse and pressing down the keyboard keys to play your old PC games? Well, look outside the world of just PC games, there’s a whole new dimension of gaming era. Take for example your very own Nintendo 3DS that may sound a bit old to you but it sure has excellent support from third parties for its games, and its own hardware capabilities makes it a deal breaker. What today we are offering is a list of Top 10 upcoming and demanding 3DS games for 2012 that we have picked ourselves after reviewing different aspects of gaming and are looking forward to, have a look, you’ll love them:

1. Mario Kart 3D

There is no need to say that Mario Kart has always been a deal breaker for Nintendo, yet in previous years the chain has lost some trustworthiness because of the Rubber Band AI that weighed down Mario Kart Wii . No doubt that the game was surely enjoyable to play and hosted a good pair of online features, but for all the hardships they managed to do their position was left in an unmannered way and that’s what left a lot of enthusiasts feeling that Nintendo preferred fun rather than skill.
Now the pride has to be brought back by Mario Kart 3D, and as a matter of fact its really doing it since it appears much more objective than the preceding iteration and even has a Mario Kart DS feel to it. Besides, it boasts a number of new features that includes underwater division game plays, where users grow a propeller as they go deep down below the water. All this makes a perfect sense and that is to convince the users by its visual quality and other graphical elements. While the mainly distinguished addition in the game is the glider, which enables your kart to fly in the air over your rivals. Mario Kart 3D merges flawlessly into the typical Mario Kart game play and introduces a new height to your gaming experience.
At the same time as, Nintendo is looking forward to have 8 players online races’ running well ahead of the game is finally out. If you’re thinking that if this game is about to bring an innovative change that will everlastingly transform the series then you’re absolutely incorrect. Fans, this is actually classic Mario Kart that is trying its level best to do the thing.

2. Rayman 3D

Rayman 3D is a developed port of the platform game “Rayman 2: The Great Escape” to the Nintendo 3DS. Even though the game was formerly docked to the PSP and the Apple iOS, but this new port is supposed to be laid on the Dreamcast edition with a total revamp of its UI, series and a lot of new things to make the game handier for beginners.
The scene is that you are in an open space of dreams where android pirates from cosmos assault your planet and mess with the things. Now you as Rayman have to start a voyage to gather a thousand bits of the world’s core (Lums) and wake up four mysterious masks to bring the world’s spirit to restore the world.
Sprint, leap, mount and blow your way all the way through alien machine pirates while gathering Lums. You can even unchain new details about the game world and its countless mysteries. So you see its all about adventure Rayman 3D is projected to work efficiently on Nintendo 3DS. The graphical content of this game is superb, you’ll love playing it!

3. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D – The Naked Sample

The Metal Gear snake eater 3D is the best edition of all that we’re waiting for! Yet we’re not exactly certain whether Hideo Kojima’s 3DS introduction is a direct port of the PS2 game with graphical improvements or a radically refurbished interpretation or even every bit of it has changed, but we’re sure it will be an astonishing game apart from being said.
Flanked by the brilliance of the source objects, the visual ability on display in the game’s E3 presentation, and the Metal Gear team’s convenient victory in Peace Walker, this all gives us a hint that this game is sure going to be a big hit.

4. Pokémon 3DS

Though, this is  theoretically unethical for the reason that a Pokémon game hasn’t been introduced for the system save for a disputed sequel. For the past years, we are looking after a proper Pokémon experience on our gaming handhelds thus we may perhaps discover the world and fight with Pokémon’s in wonderful 3D effect. And this hasn’t yet been achieved accurately, in any way!
Now the things are tuning good, since that similar experience we hunted on consoles is going to land on the 3DS sometime in the outlook. We sure are eager to play this game on our Nintendo 3D.

5. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D offers an excellent sequence and a follow-up mode and packages and turns itself into a developed online game. Play with the people around the world, where you are Resi veterans/Chris Redfield/Jill Valentine, and kick some zombies-ass with your team members. This game much more brings in a traditional scenario and story-laid shooter in the Resident Evil world. It also comes bundled with a playable sample for the approaching 3DS shooter Revelations, which lies in at some point between Resident evil 4 and 5.
As for the availability, the game will be offered in Japan on June 2nd.

6. Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Dead or Alive: Dimensions much resembles to Tekken and Capcom’s Street fighter in terms of game play. While this game and street fighters are running on side to side and they both consists of individual fighting moves and a huge fighters inventory of unlock-able combatants. You can use Street Pass to convey player data without even grasping, and you can gather little collectibles to create photograph. But Dead or Alive: Dimensions has its own identification with a character part look from Nintendo’s Samus Aran, 60 frames/second fighting when the 3D animation is toggled off. A real fighting experience is all!

7. StarFox 64 3D

Many enthusiasts of the sequence have been demanding another StarFox 64 game from Nintendo for many past years and, finally, Nintendo has heard their voice. StarFox 64 is coming in 3D version to the Nintendo 3DS this year. However, it has not yet been confirmed whether this would be a re-establish or a completely revamped game, we’re about to see!

8. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is undeniably the much loved and awaited game on the Nintendo 3DS. The director Eiji Aonuma declared that “Ocarina of Time 3D” is pledged to not just look on a par with the games what are nowadays, but also boosted its each single characteristic of the game counting in its UI as well as its center technicalities, and much more.
Now we’re looking forward for this game to come on time and now that the Nintendo 3DS has motion sensor through which you can aim easily, pass the Deku Tree and the notably complicated Water Temple, which have been quite difficult for the majority of users to pass and that the rest of the game may be sophisticated in a good manner.

9. Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars

If the earlier LEGO game titles are any signal, “LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars” will certainly be superior to the movie it is laid on. Despite the arguments for the movie, the game is a sequence to the preceding LEGO Star Wars games, in which as a maximum two players can play mutually. You can toggle between a variety of game characters gathered during the game as they proceed with the movie’s plot and finish multiple tasks from cracking riddles to combating huge enemy bosses. Yet the game is being out for each recent gaming platform, but the 3DS edition of “Lego Star Wars 3” will be the primary game in the sequence to consist full three dimensional visuals.

10. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

You certainly would enjoy playing -Super Street Fighter IV- on the PS3 or Xbox 360 due to its enhanced visual mode and just as good game play, but the absence of 3D leads the game to nowhere and so it could not unleash its full potential. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition is chasing the trails for the Nintendo 3DS in an effort to cure this small inadequacy by pushing you nearer to the full-action thrilled experience. At the same time as the game can be played in the standard mode, a new camera mode provides an angle that shows you the view above the players shoulder for doubly powerful game play. You can also execute unique fighting moves by drumming icons on the touch screen. And resembling to other 3DS games, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition will take full advantage of the StreetPass element thus you can have spontaneous combats with other players in the original world around you, and gathering collectibles as by you overcome them gradually.