Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Extreme Photos from Great Adventures

Here are some extreme photos by National Geographic. These images of awesome adventures will make you want to go there and do it yourself, if you are some adventurous guy and you like what you see.  This site offers great ideas of trips and adventures you may try.
From the top of a mountain to the desert, from the sky to the sea, these fantastic shots allow us to experience a bit of the magic of extreme sports.
I could not select them all, even though I really wanted to. However, I hope that the ones I picked are the most extreme of the extreme photos and that they managed to cover all the range of landscapes and of “great things to do.
Climbing, surfing, skiing, biking and so on are great sports to try even if you are not that adventurous. Maybe these pictures will inspire you to try something new and live the extreme life! Here they are then, 10 extreme photos to make you dream of  great adventures  in the wild: