Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 Most Beautiful Pictures of Mountains

Pictures of mountains are among the most beloved subjects of nature photography out there. This is not a surprise, as mountains provide limitless sources of inspiration for artists and they are an opportunity for photographers to show what they are capable of.
Jack Brauer loves mountains and photography.  The following extraordinary pictures are the result of his combined passions. They are just a sample of his work, as he offers plenty of images to choose from, on his web site. It was a very difficult task for me to choose only 10 of them, as they are all great.
From all the corners of the Earth, Brauer brought back priceless memories in the form of his pictures of mountains, to share with the rest of us, the unfortunate who will never see these great places in real life. I’ll leave you enjoy, therefore, my selection, hoping that it will bring you some moments of relaxation and possibly, a smile…