Saturday, December 17, 2011

Top 10 Pixar Short Films

Pixar’s short films are really fun to watch and many people do not even know they exist. This is a pity, becasue they are really good. These cool movies are sometimes based on original ideas and sometimes focusing on a secondary character of a well known Pixar movie. Nevertheless, if you like animation films,   you will love watching them all.  Below, we rank the most interesting Pixar short films:

1. Geri’s game

short films2
The strange story of Geri, the old chess player, captivated audience of all ages. Old Geri plays chess all day long against…himself; and he is losing too. However, when his more cheerful adversary is about to win the game, Geri manages to turn the odds. This Pixar creation won an Academy Award for best film.

2. Partly Cloudy

short films2
This short movie from Pixar brings light to one of children’s favorite questions: “Where do children come from?” yes, the story of the stork is well known, but storks need to take babies from somewhere too, right? Here comes the explanation: up in the sky, the cloud people are sculpting babies and then bring them to life. Gus, a troubled gray cloud is creating dangerous babies (crocodiles or porcupines, for example) and his friend, Peck, is responsible with delivering them. Will the stork handle the more and more dangerous cargo?

3. Jack-Jack Attack

short films3
The youngest member of the incredible Parr family is the star of its own Pixar film. Kari, the babysitter who accepts o take care of Jack-Jack for a night has no idea what she got herself into: the music she brings in order to educate the baby actually helps this little one to discover his powers.

4. For the Birds

short films4
A flock of small birds occupies a wire.  They seem a bit crowded and this makes them a little grouchy. When a much larger bird joins them, the small ones start making fun of him. Even though the big bird has no idea that he is mocked, the big bird takes its revenge at the end.

5. Presto

short films5
Presto is a magician in a continuous search for fame and glory. He has little appreciation for his poor bunny who is suffering from hunger. Alec, the bunny, wants nothing else a decent meal but he does not get it. The poor animal will have to come up with his own tricks in order to put his paws on the tasty carrot.

6.  BURN-E

short films6
The small utility robot finds itself locked outside the Axiom, because of WALL-E. In this movie, we watch him trying to complete the task of installing a replacement lamp and to find a way of returning inside the ship.  The hardworking little robot will have a series of misfortunes which would cause any human worker to quit his job.

7. Mike’s new car

short films7
The famous protagonists of Monster Inc.  come back in one of the best Pixar movies, Mike’s new car. This time, Mike, very proud of his new six-wheel car, wants to show it to his friend, Sulley. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong: Mike is simply unlucky and Sulley is really clumsy when it comes to pressing the buttons on the control panel of the car. Finally, Sulley, very confused about everything and Mike, really upset about having bought the car, decides to walk o work.

8. Dug’s special mission

short films8
Dug is a very nice dog, who only wants to be accepted by Alpha, Beta and Gamma in the pack. Unfortunately, they do not appreciate his qualities and send him in silly “special missions” in order o get rid of him. Dug does everything he can in order to complete the missions but their result is quite unexpected. Finally, when he needs it  most, he discovers the friends he was looking for.

9. Mater and the Ghostlight

short films9
After Mater spends an entire day scaring the good citizens of Radiator Spring, he hears the Sheriff telling the creepy story of the Ghostlight. After the night at Flo’s V8 Cafe ends, the cars all rush to their home, leaving Mater all alone. Now, the whole town, including Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson allied to play their own prank on Mater.

10. One Man Band

short films10
Tippy, a young peasent girl, has one gold coin which she wants to drop in the piazza fountain while  making a wish. Bass, a street singer (a one-man-band), sees her and tries to win her favor so that she may give him the gold coin. Yet another one-man band steps in and captures Tippy’s attention. Who will win the duel?