Saturday, October 1, 2011

The most popular multiplayer online role-playing games

Every evening millions of people run home to their computers after work to become a ferocious magician, wise druid, merciless killer or heroic paladin. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) are very popular now: everyone can choose the world or occupation that he/she wants and it will be cheap enough. At the same time you ought to be attentive and control yourself because video game addiction is very dangerous.

World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft provided by famous game studio Blizzard is the most popular MMORPG in the world; it has more than 15 million subscribers. The game has existed for 5 years; during this time two big sequels were released and the third sequel is coming soon. Any new released MMORPG is always compared to World Of Warcraft and presented as its main competitor. However all these games have failed to be so popular as Blizzard’s game is. World Of Warcraft is a well-designed game universe that is always added by new options, areas; it keeps game balance very well despite having 10 game races and 10 classes. Either advanced gamer or beginner can find occupation that he/she wants, for example, killing monsters or fight with other gamers. Blizzard speaks out against currency and goods to be sold for real money within the game, and also against creating chatbots.
Use its official website to pay for the game and download it; before buying the game you may try a 10-day free test version.


Aion is a new game (released in 2009) provided by company NCSoft (Lineage, Guild Wars, City of Heroes and others). It is difficult to guess if it is so popular in the future as after its release but many people call the game as the main competitor to World Of Warcraft. The special stress is laid on PVP, large-scale struggles between two game groups for the control over the whole world. One of the main virtues of Aion is excellent graphics; the game also allows customizing characters in order to create a unique hero. However, the game has some drawbacks. It is not welcome to beginners and at the same time it has very few options for advanced users. For example, you may not customize the interface. Users also consider the fight against spam and chatbots to be inefficient. But Anion’s potential is big enough and one may hope that it will be improved. In Europe the game is sold for 28 euros; monthly pay is 13 euros. Use Paypal and stored value cards to pay for the game.

The Lord of the Rings Online

Unlike many other MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online, provided by Turbine (Acheron’s call, D&D Online), is based on the undying book ”The Lord of he Rings” by J. R. R. Tolkien. The action takes place in the same period of time as in the book and films so playing the game you may meet all the famous characters again. LOTRO has the plotline that consists of chapters and books; they connect different tasks to each other. Carrying out the task you change the world and take part both in events that play a significant role in the trilogy and in events that are not so important. Two sequels were released that added new ”books” and areas. When creating your own character you may choose among 4 races and 9 classes.
Though the LOTRO gameplay has its features (playing the musical instruments, smoking pipe potion and even transformation to a hen) this game doesn’t differ from World of Warcraft very much. No wonder, the most part of the game is PVE because people prefer being a positive characters. But gamers can choose monster play that allows fighting on the side of the evil. In Europe it costs 39 euros; monthly pay is 9 euros. You may also subscribe for life for 140 euros. Before buying the game you may try a 14-day test version.

EVE Online

EVE Online is reputed to be a unique game. The action takes place in the distant galaxy in tens of thousands of years. The game galaxy has more than 7 thousand stellar systems and it takes you two hours of real time to move from one end to another. The galaxy is improved and added by new options. Though it has few subscribers (about 400 thousand gamers) they all use the same server that makes the game to be the most popular MMORPG. A gamer can choose among hundreds of spacecrafts what he/she wants. The main feature of this game is that while playing you improve your skills not levels. But this process may take a lot of time; today EVE Online has 400 skills. Thus, it may take years to create a skillful character but you don’t need to spend all this time playing the game. There are five game races with unique governments and economic systems but you may use only four of them.
Gamers are united in corporations, corporations — in alliances. Alliances can control stellar systems and regions; they can become quasi states with theit own laws and economic system. Gamers fight with each other for influence areas. Thus, the main featyre of this game is that it is a copy of the real world.
EVE Online client and all additions are free; monthly subscription costs 11 dollars. Use credit cards, stored value cards, Webmoney or Paypal. If you use Steam system to download the game you will get an access to a 21-day test version; if you download from the official site you may try a 14-day test version.

Lineage 2

It is the oldest MMORPG that is very popular in Asian countries. The game has the common plotline presented in the form of ”Saga” and ”Chronicles”. Chronicles are large game’s updates released in the form of a patch once half a year but they all are free.
You may choose one of 6 races in the world of Lineage II. Getting new levels you can choose new ways of development so the total amount of classes is too big.
The most part of PvE content implies a monotone killing of monsters in order to powerlevel your character and get important information. The basic virtue of the game is PvP. Meanwhile, a single gamer cannot influence on the world that is an important social component of the game.
It may take you a lot of time to powerlevel and search for important information so the game is full with so called ”farmers” that sell game values for money; many gamers think that fight against them provided by NCSoft company is ineffective.
In Europe the game costs 7.5 euros; monthly pay is 13 euro. You may use credit cards and stored value cards.