Saturday, October 1, 2011

10 best sites for drivers

We have made a revision of the sites about cars: how to bypass kilometers-long traffic jams, how not to be caught by the tricks of the Road Patrol Service, what car to choose and where to learn about the latest changes in the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation. Thus, top ten is:

It is a web-resource where both new and used cars are sold. Here you may find any car from the latest models to dainty old automobiles. The site has an easy-to-use search that can help you find the car that will satisfy all your needs. Another virtue of the site is a big catalogue of cars. The catalogue provides all characteristics of any car of all the ever produced famous brands.

It is a very useful information web-resource for every automobilist. Here you can read about the latest changes in the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation, prepare for passing driving license exams, learn where and how you can get a warrant of fitness. If your car is towed away and you don`t know what to do the site will orient you to further action. The site also gives an opportunity to pay a fine on-line through Yandex.Money.

It is a good on-line shop of auto parts. Here you can find a part of any now existent famous car brands. The virtues of the shop are a big choice of unoriginal auto parts, prices for original auto parts are lower by 35% than dealers offer. The site has an easy-to-use catalogue of cars where all their auto parts are depicted so that a beginner can use it. There several ways of payment: on-line, through a bank or in cash in any nearest office. The shop also offers a free courier service.

Before drivers have had a tradition to blink the lights in order to warn each other about a hide of the Road Patrol Service. However today many drivers don`t maintain the tradition. But what should you do if you are going an unknown way? This site provides maps of speed-traps, police stations and cameras for any area.

Today a lot of women drive a car. is a web-resource especially for them. Here women can learn a lot of new information about car driving: to learn how to regulate mirrors, park their cars and even what shoes are more suitable for driving.

Don`t you know what car to choose? The site testauto will be of use to you. Here you can see crash tests, ratings and car test driver and also compare two cars by characteristics.

Because of the intense traffic in the city and surprises on the countryside road drivers come across a lot of dangerous situations every day. How to slowdown in emergency cases taking into account a road covering, how to move more efficiently in a traffic jam, how to count traffic lights — all this you will find on the site.

It is an on-line magazine about cars. Here you can learn the latest news of the world`s motor shows, or read the history of most famous auto brands.

It is a community of people and cars. Here you can start to blog or visit other users` web-pages and enjoy their unusual cars. Those who are interested in cars very much may find friends on the site.

It is an on-line version of Autosport Magazine. The site is for those who like the speed. Here you can read about all the world`s racing events.