Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 Driest Places In The World

This post is about those places which are dry almost throughout the whole time period. Rain falls rarely at these dry places and the temperature is high every day. Dry places, mostly deserts have dry climatic conditions which have continuous evaporation and transpiration that exceeds the water deficiency limit. The weather is not moist and the dry blowing air flows everywhere at the dry places.
Following is the list of top 10 driest places in the world ranging from Callao in Peru to Africa in Chile with their average rainfall measure in mm per year:
Dry Places 10 Driest Places In The World

10). Callao-Peru:

Callao is the Peru’s most important and largest port and it is located on the West side of the country’s capital ‘Lima’. The average rainfall at this place is very low, i.e. only 12.191mm per year due to which this place is one the most dry places.

09). Aoelef-Algeria:

This place is situated in the country of Algeria. In this region, the days can be hot throughout the year because this area comprises majority part of the desert area which predicts this place containing hot and dry climatic and atmospheric conditions. The rainfall is very rarely happening with the measure of 12.19mm per year.

08). Pelican Point-Namibia:

This point is a suburb of Western Australia in Namibia from the North-Eastern side which is bounded to the South and West side of the Railway port to the Old Coast Road from the East side. The measure of very little rainfall per year of Pelican Port is 8.13mm.

07). Iquique-Chile:

This is a Chile’s territory’s place which is a port city and a smallest Chile’s administrative subdivision region. This place is the capital of Iquique province and it is one of the driest places in the world. The rate of annual rainfall is 5.08mm at this place.

06). Wadi Halfa-Sudan:

This place experiences driest as well as hottest climatic conditions due to continuous evaporation and transpiration as this place is one of those places which are mostly classified into dry and hot deserted areas. The rainfall measure is very low at this place, i.e., 2.54mm.

05). Ica-Peru:

This is another Peru’s dry region which is the capital of Ica region in the Southern side of Lima along the desert coast of South of Peru. This is a very dry place due to the harsh winds blowing everywhere at this place. The ratio of rainfall per year is 2.29mm.

04). Luxor-Egypt:

It is a city of Egypt situated at the Southern side of Egypt. Rainfall in Rainfall is very rare at this place. The highest temperature at this place was recorded as 57 Degrees Celsius. The rainfall measure per annum is 0.862mm.

03). Aswan-Egypt:

Aswan is another dry region of Egypt. It is t he hottest city of Egypt due the hot and dry atmosphere and unfavorable climatic conditions. It is located on the South side of Egypt and the rainfall per year is 0.861mm.

02). Al’Kufrah-Libya:

This place is situated in the country of Libya. Al’Kufrah is the largest district of Libya. The capital of it is Al’Jawf which is one of the oases in the Kufra basin. The average rainfall measure per annum at this place is 0.86mm.

01). Arica-Chile:

Chile’s another driest as well as the driest place of all other dry places is Arica situated in Chile. It is known as ‘the city of eternal spring’ which is the capital of Arica province as well as the Arica and Parinacota region. The average measure of very little rainfall per year at this place is 0.76mm