Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 People Who Have Lived The Longest Life

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. (Henry Ellis). As far as possible, I prefer to start my writing with a quotation so that my readers can gain some knowledge as well as know about some interesting quotes of renowned persons. These are the persons who squeeze their life time experience into a single quote for the world to benefit from. Anyways, let us not deviate from the topic and that is the people who lived the longest life on earth. According to a survey, long life is attributed 10% to the genes and 90% to the habits of an individual. Although there are some other beliefs as well in the light of different religions but let us stick to the general concept. Living a long life allows one to see a whole new generation of the world when almost everything has changed.
Here is the top 10 countdown

10. Kamato Hongo

kamato hongo 10 People Who Have Lived The Longest Life
16 September 1887 – 31 October 2003 (disputed) 116 years and 45 days.
She lived in Kagoshima and celebrated her 116th birthday a month before her death. She was suffering from pneumonia. She lived with her daughter in Kagoshima and was 58 years of age when the World War II ended.

9. Carrie C.White

carri c white 10 People Who Have Lived The Longest Life
18 November1874 – 14 February 1991 — 116 years 88 days.
She lived in nursing home not because she was weak and feeble but because she underwent a nervous breakdown in 1909.

8.Elizabeth Bolden

Elizabeth Bolden 10 People Who Have Lived The Longest Life
15 August 1890 – 11 December 2006 — 116 years 118 days.
She was born in Somerville Tennessee. She had 75 great-great-great-great grand children and you can well imagine from the figure that how many grand children in total she must be having. It is really amazing. She is from United States.

7 .Tane Ikai

Tane Ikai 10 People Who Have Lived The Longest Life
18 January 1879 – 12 July 1995 — 116 years 175 days.
She belonged from Japan and outlived her daughter and her three sons. She moved to a retirement home at the age of 93 and suffered from strokes two times before her death at the age of 166 due to kidney failure.

6. Maria Esther Heredia de Capovilla

maria esther 10 People Who Have Lived The Longest Life
14 September 1889 – 27 August 2006 — 116 years 347 days.
She was born in Ecuador and was the daughter of a colonel. Unlike the other in the list, she never smoked or drank hard liquor. The best part about Maria is that even at the age of 116 her health was not teetering at the brink of collapse rather she used to read newspaper, watch television and walk without the aid of a stick.

5. Marie – Louise Meilleur

Marie – Louise Meilleur 10 People Who Have Lived The Longest Life
29 August 1880 – 16 April 1998 — 117 years 230 days
She was a Canadian and her death was due to a blood clot at the age of 117. Can you just imagine the age of her daughter ? yeah, she was 90 years old at that time. Some things are really hard to believe but it is a fact guys.

4. Lucy Hannah

Lucy Hannah1 10 People Who Have Lived The Longest Life
16 July 1875 – 21 March 1993 — 117 years 248 days
She was a American national and is the oldest African American who ever lived. Although, her family claimed her to be of 118 years of age but it was then recorded at 117 after verification.

3. Sarah Knauss

Sarah Knauss 10 People Who Have Lived The Longest Life
24 September 1880 – 30 December 1999 — 119 years 97 days.
She lived in America and was born in a small coal-mining town called Hollywood. Her daughter also lived 101 years and when asked about her mother she said that her mother was a very peaceful and calm person. May be that is the reason of her long life. At the time of her death, doctors did not diagnose any illness with Sarah and said that she just simply expired. After all, we all have to go one day. This is what we all humans believe be it be any religion of the world.

2. Shigechiyo Izumi

Shigechiyo Izumi 10 People Who Have Lived The Longest Life
29 June 1865 – 21 February 1986 — 120 years 237 days
How much can you work during your lifetime? 60 may be 70 years. Ok make it 80 years for your sake. But guys, this man had a working life of 98 years. He was a Japanese national and used to drink brown sugar shochu which is an alcoholic beverage distilled from barley or rice. He said that his long life is a godsend of gods, Buddha and the sun. The most fascinating thing about this man is he took up smoking at the age of 70. He died of pneumonia.

1. Jeanne Calment

Jeanne Calment 10 People Who Have Lived The Longest Life
21 February 1875 – 4 August 1997 — 122 years 164 days.
She is a French and outlived her daughter and grandson. At the age of 90 she had no living heirs and sold her apartment to a lawyer Andrea- Francois Raffray in a contingency contract. He was to pay her 2500 francs every month until her death. He paid 180,000$ to her which is the double the value of the