Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top 10 Biggest, Fastest and Craziest Ambulances

Golf Ambulance
Golf players might get experience heart failures when they get a bit to excite about the game. That’s when you need the golf ambulance since a normal ambulance would ruin the golf course.
Golf ambulance
Ranger Ambulance
Heart failures in the middle of the forest can also be handled. All that is needed is one of these ranger ambulances (it also works as a small fire truck).
Ranger ambulance
Super Ambulance Truck
Gigantic ambulance from Japan with six wheels and room for a lot of patients. Perfect for when Godzilla finally attacks.
Super ambulance
Bus Ambulance
A normal city bus converted into large-capacity ambulance with room for 15 patients. Apparently it was built for the World Cup in football in Germany, but nowadays it is mostly being used to transport obese patients.
Bus ambulance
Hummer Ambulance
No idea how the fire department managed to get this Hummer ambulance. It looks like they are in the middle of a city, so why do they need an off road vehicle with a crazy number of search lights?
Hummer ambulance
Land Rover Ambulance
Even more badass than the Hummer ambulance is this Land Rover ambulance from the UK. Clearly built for off road use, so maybe this ambulance actually hit the terrain once in a while.
Land Rover ambulance
Jet Ambulance
It used to be a normal ambulance, but then the fire department decided they needed a faster vehicle. Now there is no room for patients anymore. All the medical equipment had to go to make room for the jet engine.
Jet ambulance
Porsche Cayenne Ambulance
The fastest ambulance in the world that is actually being used as a normal ambulance. It is being used to race patients around in Stuttgart, Germany.
Porsche Cayenne ambulance
Mercedes-Benz AMG Ambulance
Even faster than the Porsche Cayenne ambulance, but this one was specially built for Formula 1. Apparently it is being used to get wounded race drivers to the hospital as fast as possible. Top speed is around 250 km/h or 155 mph.
Mercedes-Benz AMG ambulance
MRAP II Armored Ambulance
Armored ambulance for use in Iraq and other unfriendly environments. Fitted with explosive reactive armor, so it can counter land mines and so on.
MRAP II armored ambulance