Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 Awesome Living Room Designs

These pictures present 10 different living room concepts, which were taken from a great home designing site.  Each photo is representative for a certain series , showcasing a young designer, or a popular living room style. Enjoy while choosing your own favorites!

1. Luxury

living room design
This is one of the many living rooms photographed by William MacCollum, a specialist in interior, exterior and abstract designs. He mostly works with luxurious interiors, featuring large windows specially designed to highlight amazing city views .

2. Inspirational

ispiring living room
This is ranked one in a top of inspiring living rooms created by famous designers. This living room is created by Johnny Young, an Indonesian architectural designer.   What makes it great is the use of patterns and the very stylish zebra-red combination, as well as the minimalist design.

3. Classy

This is a simply delicious living room, by the Polish group Medo. The designer of this room created a relaxing, cheerful area, by using fresh colors and geometrical patterns. The square seems to be favored here. Also, the central piece of this room is the beautiful contemporary portrait which completes an exquisite design.

4. Unconventional

This picture is part of a series proposed by Ligne Roset, a luxury furniture house which chose to deviate from conformism in 2011 and to illustrate some amazing and original concepts. This room shocks by its lack of color and by the apparently neglected walls. The large painting, characterized by the same neutral tone has the role of explaining the theme of the room.

5. Oriental influence

pinchen design
Pinchen Design is a Chinese designer who creates luxury themed homes. The series from which this picture was taken is featuring leather, wood and fire places, as well as gentle, warm colors meant to create a welcoming interior. The Oriental influence is subtle, yet present and it gives a touch of originality to the design.

6. Stylish

stylish living room
The design of this room is simply pleasant. The young artist who created this space  used soft, earthy tones to convey warmth, but also a stylish, clean look. Despite the classy color scheme, this is a contemporary room, with futuristic pieces of furniture, as the side table or the low, wooden table in the centre. The combination of these features is really harmonious and stylish.

7. Modern

modrn living room
This is a living room designed by Italian company Missura Emme, having a modern design and featuring  light elements which compose a futuristic and minimalist space, yet warm and welcoming thanks to the red accents and to the double carpet so nicely combined.

8. Retro

plum -green schemed living room
We switch to the opposite direction now and bring an exceptional living room design, by a young gifted Turkish architectural designer. The heavy elements the impressive chandelier, the large curtains and massive furniture, together with the more delicate pieces, such as the statue and the red lamps create an outstanding living room for those who can afford it.

9. Focused on TV

focused on tv
The TV is an important entertainment element for most of us. This is why it seemed natural to include in this top a Living Room which is focused on TV. The pleasant earthy colors, details such as the large fish tank, the beautiful plant and other decorations, they all seem to blend perfectly and complete an awesome living room.

10. Mood-Enhancing

Entering a room that is all about freshness, joy and modernity will surely enhance your mood in a second. The contemporary sofa and chairs, the beautiful wall design, featuring the african statues, so nicely highlighted  make this space so nicely put together. The series include many other inspiring and relaxing living-rooms, if this doesn’t seem to be your favorite!