Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 of The Most Beautiful Classical Lighthouses in the World

Lighthouses are not only useful, but also beautiful constructions, full of history and loaded with legends. The mystical globe that surrounds the lighthouses is completed by the picturesque of the areas where they are usually built. The romantic aspect of a lonely tower which shines in the dark is being replaced today by many modern, futuristic designs. The magic, the history and the classical, simple beauty of these constructions are being lost. What is left is another modern, tall tower empty of significations. It is even hard to say whether they are lighthouses or something else. This is why we decided to create this top of ones of the most beautiful classical lighthouses.

1. Cape Hatteras Light

This Lighthouse was raised in 1870, in order to replace the former one which was criticized by sailors as being too little. Because Cape Hatteras measures no less than 60.50 meters, it is ranked as the tallest lighthouse in America and one of the tallest in the world. It is also renowned for being often hit by hurricanes. Today, this symbol of California is in danger of falling into Ocean because of beach erosion. There were many debates on whether to move it or not, but no decision has been taken yet.

2. Cape Neddick (Nubble) Light

This lighthouse stands on a small rocky island, called ‘Nubble’ and it was built in 1879. It is 12.5 meters tall, but the light reaches 88 meters from sea level with the added height of the island. Cape Neddick Light was first painted red. The color was changed in white since the beginning of the 20th century, but the light of the tower remained red. One of the peculiar stories surrounding this lighthouse speaks about a keeper’s pet, a cat called ‘Mister T’. This very fat cat (13 kg) used to swim to the mainland several times a day.

3. Chania Lighthouse

Chania Lighthouse
This is a very old lighthouse in Chania, Crete. It is supposed to have been built in 1570, by the venetians. However, the unique cylinder shape was given to it by the Egyptians, who occupied the island for a few decades in the 19th century. The lighthouse doesn’t function anymore but it remains an important historical construction and very appreciated tourist attraction. The entrance inside the building is forbidden.

4. Fanad Head lighthouse

Fanad Head is located on the Fanad peninsula, on the west Coast of Ireland.  It was built in 1818, after a ship smashed on the rocky shores, 10 years before. Apparently, the only survivor of this tragedy was the captain’s parrot. Right next to this lighthouse there is a heliport . The beauty of Fanad Head Lighthouse and of the landscapes surrounding it made it reach top 10 on most of the tops on this subject.

5. Torre de Hercules

Hercules Tower
This is a very special lighthouse in Galicia, Spain. It is a very important historical heritage for all humankind because it is dated since the 2nd century, and it was built by the Romans. The 55 meters tall tower is the oldest roman lighthouse in function. The original name of the lighthouse was ‘Farum Brigantium’ but this name was changed in the 20th century. The tower is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6. Pigeon Point Lighthouse

pigeon lighthouse
The pigeon Point Lighthouse is placed in California and it was built in 1871. This 35 meters structure is ranked among the tallest lighthouses in The USA. Visitors may be sheltered in the in the restored keeper’s house but entering inside the tower is forbidden since 2001, when a part of the brickwork collapsed.  This white lighthouse is still in function today.

7. Norah Head Lighthouse

norah head lighthouse
This lighthouse is situated in New South Wales, in Australia. This construction is 27 meters tall and it was raised in 1903. It is the last lighthouse to be built in the area and it is placed in very picturesque location, being also used  for weddings. The former keeper’s houses are restored and they may be rented. The light flashes every 15 seconds and it is visible from 50 km. away.

8. Point Vincente Light

Point Vincente Lighthouse
Point Vincente Light was built in 1926, being located on the Palos Verde Peninsula, in California. This is a 20 meters high lighthouse which was automated in 1973 Its cylindrical shape, its romantic look and the views  all mix in order to create this superb construction. The lights flash every 20 seconds and an agreeable sound may be heard on days of low visibility.

9. Hirsthals Lighthouse

hirsthals lighthouse
This is a lighthouse placed in Denmark which was built by the architect N.S. Nebelong , which also built other lighthouses in the same style. It features 144 steps and a height of 57 meters. The flash lights every 30 seconds and it is of a classical beauty. The lighthouse is open for public visits. The amazing views from the platform, completed by the sensation given by the blowing wind, are the reasons for making the effort of climbing on the platform.

10 The Kõpu lighthouse

This is one of the third oldest lighthouses still operational to this day. It is placed on the top of the highest hill on an island near to the Kõpu Peninsula. This 37 tall tower was built in 1531 and it is one of the area’s favorite touristic locations. Visits inside the lighthouse are allowed and the view from the top of the tower is very beautiful. The unique appearance of the square tower surrounded by esthetically appealing reinforcements makes this lighthouse one of the most beautiful in the world.