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Top Ten Batsman of Pakistan Cricket Team

Cricket is the one of the best game of all the times. There is always a chance either to win or loss so mostly people say " cricket by chance " but in cricket you will always see some of the legends that remembers you after their retirement. In each country there are legends either its Pakistan , India , Australia , Srilanka , England , West indies , New zealand and others but today in this Hub I will write about the top ten batsman of Pakistan International team of all the times that will always be remember in our memories.
Top Ten Batsman of Pakistan International Cricket team list is just made by me on my interest , if someone is not in the list don't be worry as there are more and more legends from Pakistan Cricket team but I go only on my interest.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan the " lion of cricket " was first selected for Pakistan International Cricket team on 1971. Imran Khan is the former captain of Pakistan team all rounder and specially the right arm fast bowler. He is the " king of wicket takers " and was one of the striker to wickets. Imran Khan has start his impression when he took 12 wickets in Sydney in test cricket against Australia. Imran Khan was remembered as the " Fantastic Cricketer " as he was rule when he believed that he can do others can do also. Imran Khan make another impact when he took 25 wickets against West Indies and showed himself as the revolution in Pakistan Team. There are much more to say for Imran Khan as Wasim Akram said that it was Imran Khan who makes the team to the right path and he was the Leader and he has leadership qualities and his batting and bowling makes the victory for win the WOLD CUP OF 1992. Imran Khan hit 362 wickets in his career and he was famous for his batting also have the ability to hit sixes outside the ground. Imran Khan was one of the fastest bowler he paced to hit every series wickets and as well scored well as a good batsman. Under the captaincy of Imran Khan Pakistan started to win the series one by one against England , then India and West Indies also. He was a dangerous player of Pakistan. Currently Imran Khan is the famous political leader of " Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf " party and have great support of youths who love Imran Khan for his honesty.

Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad was one the former cricketer of Pakistan and famous for his batting. Javed Miandad in his career have done some unforgettable records and he is the leading test cricketer from Pakistan International Team. Javed Miandad is famous for his six against India in 1986 when 4 runs are left at one ball and he hit a huge six that leads to the Pakistan victory. He was a best test cricketer and his best test score is 280. Javed Miandad was after his retirement the coach of Pakistan International Team and have under his coaching , Pakistan wins a lot of series. Javed Miandad score of 8832 in test cricket was the best record for long time but later on Inzimam ul Haq breaks that record. Miandad have still the highest double century taker from Pakistan and on world cricket at 6th number. He will remain in our memories for his famous six always.

Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram no doubt the fastest bowler of all the times in cricket history having full guts and attributes that the fast bowler must have. Wasim Akram is the former cricketer of Pakistan team and all rounder with his stunning bowling , amazing batting and best fielding and also the best captain of his time. Wasim Akram have the best bowler and have different deliveries which he always target to the batsman infront of him.
Wasim Akram have hit the 414 wickets in 104 test matches which is the Pakistani record. And in ODI Akram took 502 wickets in 356 matches which is also the amazing record. Wasim Akram was the only first fast bowler of international cricket who crossed the 400 wickets and Muttiah Muralitharan of Srilanka also achieved this target. Wasim Akram takes four time hat tricks which is the unbelievable record and still unbreakable.Glenn McGrath after breaking the record of Wasim Akram also admires that he was the best bowler of all the time and this record of mine will be ever remembered by me.
Wasim Akram have different varieties of deliveries which could danger any batsman. Wasim Akram have only the ability with swung to old and new ball also and he could make incredible deliveries with old ball. Wasim Akram was ability to swing the ball where he can with his quality deliveries but only one thing that leads Wasim Akram not to be too much best of his inability of captaincy and making the team to be able to win the series. Wasim Akram at the end was also in controversy of Match fixing by which his career was not as much as he will be when he make use of his talent in the right way.

Shahid Khan Afridi

Shahid Afridi was the most lovable cricketer of Pakistan Team , famous for his long and huge sixes and now Afridi has place as a best spin bowler in the hearts of million of peoples. Shahid Afridi has many records which are unbreakable like fastest century , fastest 50 , 12 runs on one ball , 8 runs on one ball , fastest delivery of 134 as spin bowler, and many more you can have check the two more Hubs which I have written only for Afridi check this
There is much information records success all about Afridi Career have put in that hubs.

Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis is also the fastest bowler of Pakistani team and famous for his fast bowling and yorkers all the time. Waqar Younis has the record of youngest Pakistani Captain to till date and the third youngest test captain of only 22 years. Waqar Younis is famous for his reverse swing by which he is able to hits 373 test wickets and 416 ODI wickets.
Waqar Younis have the greatest record of 5 wickets in three consecutive ODI matches. Currently Waqar Younis was the coach of Pakistani team and about a month ago he resigns from his coaching career also. He will be remembered in our memories for his amazing yorkers , and wicket taking bowling.


Inzamam-ul-Haq is the former cricket and captain of Pakistani team from 2003-2007 and team players called him Inzy. Inzamam was the best batsman of his time and his image maked when he hit 60 runs in semi final of world cup 1992. Inzimam was famous for his pull shots in the world cricket. His average of approx 50 runs in test and 40 runs in ODI makes him the best batsman of his time. Imran Khan once said about Inzy " the best batsmen in the world against pace" Inzimam always play centuries and most of them are winning centuries and Inzimam was the first batsman who have record to setup half centuries in ODI career about 83. The top score of Inzimam at test career was 329 a highest score of his life. Inzimam take retirement on the same day when the Pakistani coach Bob Woolmer died who is the best friend of Inzimam.

Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar the fastest bowler of the world cricket and the former Pakistani Team player. Shoaib Akhtar or Pindi Express is famous for his fire speed bowling who take many wickets around his career. The career of Shoaib Akhtar is full of controversies and banned due to which Shoaib Akhtar have written a autobiography of " Shoaib Akhtar Controversially Yours " by which he have put the burning points on the most senior batsman and players.
You can read more about Shoaib Akhtar on my other Hub " Tribute to Shoaib Akhtar " and About his book " Controversially Yours ".

Saeed Anwar

Saeed Anwar the left handed batsman of Pakistan Team and a great Opener. He have the ability to open the account in front of every bowler. Saeed Anwar was famous for his record of 194 runs against India in Chennai which is the long time record but now break by Sachin Tendulkar. Saeed Anwar have a quick start and is famous among audience with this quality. His good timing and wrist flicking give him an extra cover and he pitched most balls out of the ground. Saeed Anwar has also the three consecutive centuries record against Sri Lanka , West Indies and again Srilanka. Currently Saeed Anwar moved his life to preaching Islam. But it will remain in our hearts as the best opener and best left handed batsman of all the time for Pakistan Team.

Zaheer Abbas

Zaheer Abbas is one of the superb batsman of Pakistan Team. Zaheer Abbas mostly know for his name " Asian Bradman " and he was also among those few cricketers who wear spectacles. His start is amazing and in his 2nd test match Zaheer make 274 runs which is still the fourth highest score of test of Pakistan. Zaheer Abbas was also famous as Runner Machine as when he is in the ground , scores are not adding but multiplying.
Sunil Gavaskar the former test captain of Indian team once said about Zaheer Abbas " Zaheer Ab Bas karo " means that " Zaheer stop it now " as he was the score machine.
Zaheer Abbas was the only Asian batsman who scored Hundred first class centuries and Abbas will remain in our memories for his best batting.

Mohammad Yousuf

Mohammed Yousaf is the former right handed batsman of Pakistan team and have setup many records and break also the long records of his time. Mohammed Yousaf was formerly known as " Yousaf Youhana but later on he accept Islam. Mohammed Yousaf was the third batsman from Pakistan who have scored more then 6000 runs in test career and also the third highest scorer of the ODI matches in Pakistan batsman. Yousaf has break many records and the famous record of him was the most centuries in a calendar year.
Mohammed Yousaf hit 9 centuries in 2006 which is the world cricket record and still unbreakable in cricket history.He have also been dismissed 3 times when he is near to double century mostly at 190 score. Mohammed Yousaf unbeatable 1788 runs in ten test matches including 12 centuries is the world second unbreakable cricket record.
Mohammed Yousaf was banned from the Pakistan cricket board for an indefinite period of time and putting a disciplinary problem against tour of Australia saying that his stay to the team is harmful. And on the reply later on Mohammed Yousaf take the retirement himself and end his career and moved to Islam preaching like Saeed Anwar. Pakistan lost the supreme batsman who have the ability to break the records of everyone but he has been quit out without any solid evidence. The batsman like Mohammed Yousaf will remain in our memories for ever.