Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 of the Most Unusual Guinness World Records Ever

Guinness World Records is home to some of the most unusual, extraordinary or interesting human and animal capacities. Today, we bring you a list of 10 of the most unusula human records in the world. From the lady who lived with scorpions in a small room for 33 days, to the youngest professional video gamer, these people tried their best to be different and they succeeded it.

1. Most tattooed senior citizen

This record was set by Tom Leppard in 2002.The senior citizen, who lives in London is 74 years old. Apparently, he wanted  to look like a leopard so much that he tattooed his entire bodywith a leopard design. According to Guinness World Records, his skin is 99,9% covered .

2.  Hairiest teenager

Supatra Sasupan was named the hairiest kid in 2010. She said the hair does not represent a problem for her, but by contrary, that she is proud of who she is. Supatra also said she has many friends and the only thing she hates is when people treat her as a freak. All the attention she received since she is a world record holder made her very happy, apparently.

3.  The longest distance a man run keeping a table lifted with teeth

longest distance
This weird accomplishment was achieved by Georges Christen, living in Luxemburg. I don’t have a clue why would anyone want to hold this record, but here it is: Christen was named the man who run the longest distance keeping a table(12 kg) lifted with his teeth and also, a woman (50kg) sitting on it. The record was established in 2008.

4.  Heaviest object supported whist Sword-Swallowed

The amazing achievement that follows belongs to Thomas Blackthorne, from the United Kingdom. In order to obtain “fame and glory”, he sword-swallowed a Dewalt D25980 demolition hammer. The impressive hammer is weighting no less than 38 killograms and it was turned on when Blackthorne swallowed it. I have no idea if someone did something comparable before, but this guy managed to hold the entire weight of the hammer for more than 3 seconds.

5.  Heaviest aircraft pulled by a man

This impressive record was settled in 2009. Kevin Fast, from Canada, proved he is the real Super Man when he managed to pull a CC-177 III, which was as heavy as 188.83tonnes (!!!), on an 8 meters distance. He sure doesn’t look like somebody who would succeed something like this!

6. The youngest professional video gamer in the world

Victor de Leon III, or, as he likes to be called, Lil Poison, is 11 years old. He started to play NBA 2K at the age of two.  At the same age, my daughter does not even know what a video game is! His first official competition was at the age of four and according to Guinness World Records, at the age of 7, he became the youngest professional video gamer in the world, after signing a contract with the representatives of Major League Gaming.

7.  The record for the most times hit by a car!

hit by car
One of the most unusual records in the world belongs to Dietmar Loeffler, from Germany. He was hit by a car 8 times in only 2 minutes! Of course, this did not happen by accident, but on the set of the Guinness World Record, in Germany.

8.  The woman with the longest fingernails in history

longest nails
One of the most unusual Guinness World Records belongs to Lee Redmond. She lives in USA and had the longest fingernails in the world, Her nails reached 8. 65 meters, and Lee Redmond started to grow them back in 1979. With those nails, I wonder how she could even brush her teeth! However, she lost her nails in a car accident in 2009, to her great disappointment.

9. Largest collection of rubber ducks

The largest collection of rubber ducks belongs to Charlotte Lee. She had 5,631 ducks in 2011, but she might have even more by now!  Charlotte Lee started to collect the toys in 1996 and this hobby of hers does not seem to be ending any time soon. If your children are fond of rubber ducks, you might buy them some really fast, because Charlotte seems determined to buy them all!

10. The world Record for Living with scorpions

One of the most unusual Guinness World Records ever belongs to a woman from Thailand. Kanchana Ketkaew lived for an impressive 33 days and nights in a glass room of only 12 m2 with 5,320!!! I can’t even imagine how this must have been like! During this time, she was stung 13 times by her room collegues! If you consider the large amount of scorpions and the number of days of unusual cohabitation,  it could have been even worse!